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Augat – TE Connectivity

Augat is a manufacturer of sockets and other interconnect products. Augat provides connectivity products to the automotive, telecommunications and data processing industries. In telecommunications, that means items such as connectors that allow cable television companies to match up high-volume, fiber-optic lines to the low-volume coaxial cables that still carry individual signals to consumers’ homes. Augat produces fittings and accessories for electrical raceways; wire fastening products; crimp and mechanical connectors for wiring and cables; indoor and outdoor switch and outlet boxes, covers, and accessories; emergency lighting products, and safety switches.

The Thomas & Betts Corporation acquired Augat Inc., another maker of connectors and parts for electrical and electronics products, in a stock deal worth about $550 million in October 1996.

In July, 2000, Thomas & Betts was acquired by Tyco Electronics and became part of the AMP family of interconnection products. Tyco Electronics Ltd. changed its name to TE Connectivity Ltd.