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Bivar – Lighting Products

Founded in 1965, Bivar is a leading specialty manufacturer of LED indication and lighting products with a long-standing history of quality and innovation in the electronics industry. Bivar solutions are being used in applications and devices that shape the world around us. Bivar’s components can be found in everything from water purification plants in Africa, to connected devices in smart cities.

Bivar has established an industry-leading position as an innovator in optoelectronics and assembly hardware. Bivar’s LED and light pipe products meet the increased demand for point to point indication and address a growing range of industrial markets and applications. The company’s corporate headquarters are located in Southern California, with manufacturing in California, China and Taiwan.

Featured Products

  • SM0605 Multi-color LEDs

    SM0605 Multi-color LEDs

    SMD Multi-Color LEDs, 0605 package, Water Clear lens


  • PLTR IP67-Rated Rigid Light Pipes

    PLTR IP67-Rated Rigid Light Pipes

    IP67-rated, front mount, press-fit mounting solutions with threaded retention.

  • SM0603UV Surface Mount LEDs

    SM0603UV Surface Mount LEDs

    Offered in a standard 0603 foot print and ideal for any UV application.


  • Bivar LFR LED Replacement Lamps

    Bivar LFR LED Replacement Lamps

    Suited for direct replacements of incandescent bulbs for new equipment and retro-fit applications.

  • L24 Light Engines

    L24 Light Engines

    Optimized for high output, high CRI, and lighting uniformity.


  • PM5-M124 LED Panel Mount Indicators

    PM5-M124 LED Panel Mount Indicators

    Smart sensor technology automatically sense and adjust to provide the appropriate light output and intensity.

  • DC Series Deep Channel Card Guides

    DC Series Deep Channel Card Guides

    Channel card guides to meet a wide variety of PCB slot entry applications.


  • L2 Starboard Light Engines with Cree XLamp LEDs

    L2 Starboard Light Engines with Cree XLamp LEDs

    Features Cree’s XLamp design, providing efficient, environmentally-friendly LED lighting.

  • Panel Mount Indicators

    Panel Mount Indicators

    Available in nylon, quick mount nylon, IP67 rated nylon, standard metal, IP67, & EMC UL rated metal.


  • Flexible Light Pipe Lenses

    Flexible Light Pipe Lenses

    Available w/ clear flat or round surface, for LED sizes of 4.2, 5, or 7mm.

  • PMR4 Panel Mount Rectangular LED Indicators

    PMR4 Panel Mount Rectangular LED Indicators

    2x4mm available in 7 colors.


  • RLP Series Multistation Right Angle Light Pipe

    RLP Series Multistation Right Angle Light Pipe

    1 – 4 stations and multiple elevations & protrusions in a standard stock item.

  • ORCAdapt, Complete Light Pipe System

    ORCAdapt, Complete Light Pipe System

    Connects an ORCA LED to a light pipe system.


  • FLPC2 2MM Light Pipe System

    FLPC2 2MM Light Pipe System

    Ideal indication solution for applications needing greater brightness, flexibility.

  • ORCA Flux LED

    ORCA Flux LED

    Comes in dome, oval, and flat lens geometries to provide a variety of viewing angles.


  • UV Standard LEDs

    UV Standard LEDs

    Peak wavelengths in the 390 to 450 nm range with SMD and Thru-Hole mounting styles.



LED Lighting


    Linear LED Lighting

    Coastline Linear Series

    Terrace Linear Series

    Bayfront Linear Series

    Peninsula Linear Series


LED Indication



    Clips and Rings

    Self Retaining LED Mounts

    LED Holders

    LED Strip Mounts




    Thru-Hole LEDs

    Surface Mount LEDs

    Ultraviolet LEDs




    Flexible Light Pipes

    Rigid Light Pipes




    Vertical LED Assemblies

    Right Angle LED Assemblies

    Panel Mount Assemblies


PCB Hardware





    Crystal Insulators



Card Guides


    Card Guides









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Product List:

Part Number Product Name Qty Price (US$)  
9908-062 BIVAR 9908-062 Nylon Spacer 1/16" for #4 Screw 0 0.1500
C-105SR C-105SR BIVAR LED Mounting Hardware LED Panel Clip 0 0.2500
TO-118-060 Bivar TO-118-060 Diss-O-Pad TO-118 Rectangle 0.705 Length 0.26 Width 0.06 Thick Wax Spacer RoHS 0 0.2200
H1013 BIVAR 904-250 Nylon Spacer 1/4" 0 0.1500
9908-375 Bivar 9908-375 Nylon Standoff & Spacer .375in Nylon White 0 0.1100
303-250 303-250 BIVAR Nylon Capacitor Mount Hardware 0 0.3000
808187 808-187 Bivar Mounting Hardware Perm-O-Pad Rect IC Mount 8-Lead 170 0.0000
909-235RNT BIVAR 909-235RNT Nylon LED Right Angle Mounting Hardware for 5mm 0 0.1500
999-125-BK Bivar 999-125-BK Single Level LED Mounting Hardware 3MM RoHS 0 0.0000
ECM-3 ECM-3 Bivar Capacitor Mount Spacer Perm-O-Pad 0.270" Round Nylon Natural 0 0.2500
NTM430 Bivar NTM-430 LED Mounting Hardware Self Retaining 3 or 5mm Natural Nylon 0 0.1700
460-100 460-100 Bivar LED Mount Vertical 3 or 5mm White 0 0.0000
ERM1-030 ERM-1-030 BIVAR LED Mount, Self Retaining, 0.030" Vertical, Rectangular, Black 0 0.1100
0ZCG0075FF2C BELFUSE 0ZCG0075FF2C Resettable Fuses 0.75A 16VDC PPTC 1812 0 0.1000
ELM1-040 ELM1-040 Bivar LED Mounting Hardware Self Ret 5mm Black .040 inch RoHS 0 0.1000
VLP-550-R VLP-550-R Bivar Vertical .500 in High Round Rigid Light Pipe 0 0.5300
PLP2-500 PLP2-500 Bivar LED Light Pipe 12.7mm Round Lens 3mm 0 0.0000
H-178C H-178C Bivar LED Mounting Hardware LED Holder 5mm Single Level Black 40 0.0000
SM1206NHC-IL SM1206NHC-IL Bivar Red LED SMD 1206 0 0.0000
MPR5GD MPR5GD Bivar LED Indicator 2.1V 30mA Panel Mount 0 0.0000
H178CAD H178CAD Bivar LED Assembly 2V 20mA 5mm, T-1 3/4 0 0.0000
H178CBWD H178CBWD Bivar LED 4V 20mA Single Blue Diffused 5mm T-1 3/4 0 0.0000
ELM-3-2MM ELM 3-2MM Bivar Self-retaining LED Mount 0 0.0000
H-175C H-175C Bivar LED Holder 0 0.0000
ELM3-380 ELM 3-380 Bivar LED Mount T1 3/4 LED Standoff Black 0 0.0000