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Cableco Technologies Corporation

cableco logo
Cableco Technologies Corporation is a major manufacturer of cable, interconnection and custom engineered products designed for high-current power distribution solutions for computer, computer peripheral, office automation, instrumentation, telecommunication, medical, industrial and military applications. In addition to its custom solution capabilities, Cableco serves the high-tech industry with a broad line of products that includes the extra flexible PowerFlex(TM) cable, the Power SwivelNut(TM) rotating threaded nut for stranded wire cable termination, the cost effective PowerPath(TM) power distribution cable system, and the PowerRail(TM) pluggable rail power distribution system. It serves the high-tech industry. The company is headquartered in Dublin, California. As of March 16, 2005, Cableco Technologies Corporation operates as a subsidiary of Methode Electronics, Inc.