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Amphenol Connex Connectors – RF Products

Amphenol Connex is a manufacturer of RF connectors, adapters and cable assemblies. Amphenol Connex’s connector product line includes common radio frequency interfaces such as BNC, SMA and TNC. Amphenol Connex supports a variety of industries including the wireless infrastructure market, broadband, broadcast and wireless industries.

Amphenol Connex manufactures world-class RF connectors, interfaces, crimp tools, and accessories. Thousands of ISO9002 and UL approved connectors are available in a variety of materials and interface options. Amphenol Connex connectors feature uncompromised quality through their non-stop quality control system, as well as cost effectiveness.

Amphenol Corporation manufactures interconnect products–cable and connectors. Its fortunes have risen along with those of the electronics industry. Over the decades, Amphenol has been a prime target for corporate takeover attempts as it has itself acquired numerous companies in expanding markets. Venture capital firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Company (KKR) owned half of Amphenol’s stock in 2001. More than half of Amphenol’s products end up in communications applications (voice, video, and data); about 20 percent go to the aerospace industry; and another 20 percent are used in other industrial, transportation, and miscellaneous enterprises.

Amphenol Connex Connector Corporation operates as a subsidiary of Amphenol Corporation.