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Delta Electronics – Mechanical Components


Whatever you need in RF coaxial connectors from miniature SMB & SMC to large high-power LC & LT connectors, it’s likely that Delta make them.

Delta Electronics has been making RF connectors since 1955, even supplying obscure or obsolete connector types that you might not think you can get anymore, try Delta with your unusual requirements! Delta’s experience also means that if your requirement is for a variation of a standard part, Delta won’t have a problem helping as a consultant with the design process, or Delta may have already made what you need.

Delta Electronics Mfg. Corp. produces the most popular connectors and adapters including: 2.92mm, 7-16, BNC, BMA, MHF/U.FL, MCX, MMCX, N, QMA, QPL 39012, QPL 55339, SMA, SMB, SMC, SMP/SMPM, SSMC, TNC and many other connector interfaces. Delta Electronics Mfg. Corp. has Full vertical manufacturing capabilities including CNC machining, electroplating, assembly, and test and measurement equipment including Vector network analyzer capability up to 65 GHz. Delta Electronics Mfg. Corp. is a Third-generation, family owned business (since 1955) located in Beverly, MA. USA