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Everel is a world-leading supplier of electromechanical components for home and commercial appliances. Everel’s automotive division is a well-known partner in the industry. Proven reliability and effective teamwork are our key factors to develop and manufacture innovative solutions for the specific demands or requirements of our clients.

Everel products range includes switches, selectors and encoders, electrical induction motors and heating elements, signal lights, pressure switches. Large and small appliances, heating and ventilation systems, cooker hoods, toys, computer accessories and gardening equipment, to name but a few of the areas in which Everel quality plays an integral part.

Innovation, quality and efficiency are the values Everel relies on to satisfy customers and win the competition on the global market. Everel is recognised for its consolidated experience in production, its daily commitment in quality and its sound innovation capability. These are the milestones that make Everel a market leader, with a wide product range and advanced solutions, capable of satisfying the most challenging market requirements.

Everel is the world-leading supplier of electromechanical components and solutions for household appliances and industrial equipment. Everel is also a well-known partner for automotive electromechanical components, designing and manufacturing custom products.

  • Switches
  • dreefs

  • Rocker switches
  • Water-resistant switches
  • Hairdryer switches
  • Slide switches
  • Push-button switches
  • Rotary switches
  • Power connectors
  • Switch size indicator lights
  • Micro Switches
    • Selectors and encoders
    • Motors and heating elements
    • Signal lights
    • Pressure switches
    • Control boards


    The extremely versatile range of switches on offer includes rocker switches, slide switches, push-button switches, rotary switches and socket outlets. These products are available in different sizes, wiring diagrams and ratings, as well as in different colours and with different markings. Each product series also has its own specific set of accessories.
    Everel switches are found on everything from large and small appliances to HVAC products, products for cleaning and outdoor, electronics devices, pumps and motors. Wherever they are used, Everel switches deliver unrivalled quality and reliability.