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GradConn logoGradconn’s range of RF cable assemblies, PCB connectors and protective caps offer a solution for all environments. GradConn offers SIM connectors, micro USB connectors, coaxial cable assemblies, a full range of board to board connectors and wire to board solutions, including PCB headers and cable assemblies in 0.8mm and 1.00mm pitch.

As an established manufacturer of electronic connector and cable assemblies, GradConn excels at providing the right solution and parts to solve your design challenges. One of its core product lines is the popular Nautilus Waterproof Coaxial range of connectors and cable assemblies which are ideal for wireless modules across a wide range of IoT applications. GradConn is committed to servicing you from design through volume production worldwide.

GradConn has launched a number of new products recently, among them is a new Nano SIM connector designed perfectly for 4ff SIM cards and a range of fine pitch wire to board connectors, which offers tiny footprints and mated heights.
GradConn is a leading connector manufacturer specialising in:
Wireless Connectivity Solutions: Coaxial cable assemblies & SIM card connectors
Board to Board connectors from 1.00mm to 5.08mm pitch spacing.
Wire to board solutions in 0.8, 1.00 & 1.2mm pitches.