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Greenconn | Connectors, Interconnects and Cable Assemblies

Greenconn logoGreenconn is a leading provider of cables and connectors used in automotive, industrial, and medical engineering, as well as telecom and consumer electronics. Greenconn’s products include board-to-board connectors, customized automotive connectors, RJ45 with transformers, high-frequency cables, SFP, QSFP, Mini SAS, Mini SAS HD, Wafer, FPC, USB, Terminal Block, and so on.
With years of expertise, Greenconn dedicates service has helped to connect innovative technologies in the industrial, automotive, telecommunication and consumer segments that shape the world we cherish today. Greenconn’s team thrives with the satisfaction and recognition received from our customers.

Greenconn offers different types of electrical connectors for applications in the automotive, telecom, industrial, and medical sectors as well as other areas, and a series of customized services from product design and manufacturing to technical support, enabling a cost-saving realization. 

Since 1998, Greenconn has provided PCB-mounted connectivity solutions with attention to environmental sustainability. Over the last two decades, we have expanded our operations from Taipei, Taiwan, to mainland China, with headquarters now based in Ganzhou, China. We also have offices in Shenzhen, Kunshan, and Toronto, to serve our customers worldwide.

Quality is of the essence. Greenconn is committed to exceptional products and service, from developing new products to manufacturing and quality control, Greenconn monitors every step of the process to ensure our customers’ needs are satisfied to the best of our ability, while strictly adhering to international standards such as ISO 9001, TS 16949, and QC 080000.

Greenconn provides different types of electrical connectors from the initial board-to-board connectors to the latest floating connectors. With Greenconn  steady supply chain and flexible service, Greenconn  will always provide the best solutions to our customers.

pin headerPin Headers
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automotive pcb connectorAutomotive PCB Connector

floating connectorFloating

rast idcRAST IDC

high-speed connectorHigh-Speed
plug connectorPlug Connectors
wafer connectorWafer

rj45 connectorModular Jack