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Harting Connectors – Mechanical Components

Harting Connectors
HARTING develops, manufactures and sells electrical and electronic connectors, device terminations, backplanes, network components as well as cable harnesses for networks or machinery, or for power and data application in factories. HARTING products are used in mechanical and plant engineering, broadcast and entertainment, factory automation, power generation and distribution as well as industrial electronics and telecommunication.

Harting focus is on the Connectivity & Networks market segment, with the key emphasis on industry, telecommunications and medical technology.

HARTING Electronics specializes in the area of standardized PCB connectors and interface connectors for all aspects of industrial control and communications technology including mobile telecommunications.

HARTING focuses on Industrial Ethernet, with continuity of communication from factory floor to the boardroom. The offering includes active and passive network components for harsh industrial environments.

Han® Industrial electrical connectors are used for power, signaling and control in harsh industrial environments. With electrical ratings from 10 amperes to 650 amperes and environmental ratings that include IP 68, NEMA Type 4 and NEMA Type 12, the pin-and-socket type Han heavy-duty type connectors provide a broad range of industrial connectivity solutions for rail, semiconductor, machinery, plastics, packaging, power distribution, and factory automation markets.

Harting increasing number of subsidiaries since 1979; HARTING subsidiaries are currently active in 25 countries worldwide.

  • Industrial Connectors Han
  • Sensor / Actuator Components
  • Fibre Optic Components
  • HARTING Ethernet Network Components
  • HARTING Ethernet Network Cabling
  • HARTING InduNet® System Cable
  • Connectors for TCA
  • Hard metric connectors
  • Multi-Coaxial Connector Systems
  • Interface connectors
  • har-bus® 64 connector system
  • DIN 41 612 connectors





Markets and Applications
Machine Manufacturing
HARTING machine manufacturing e.g. machine tools, machinery for plastic processing, metal and wood processing machinery, food & beverage processing and packaging machines.

Information Technology (IT)
HARTING IT connectors support various segments in the overall IT industry. These segments include: semiconductor equipment and machinery manufacturers, power supply manufacturers, and producers of high end data storage and server systems.

Factory Automation
HARTING Han® Connectors are commonly used in many areas of Factory Automation and especially automotive manufacturing. Robotics, machine tools, material handling, conveyors, painting, engine building, and body assembly all take advantage from the robust and reliable Han connector family.

Transportation - Rail
HARTING technology is also being used in the railway industry in both rolling stock and safety equipment.

HARTING Technology in energy generation from both renewable and conventional resources, also energy transmission and distribution.




Han® Industrial Connectors

HARTING Han® Industrial Connectors are suited for the harshest requirements in industrial?…

Board Level Connectivity

Communication Solutions 

Ethernet Switches
Ethernet Switches

In addition to offering full lines of electrical and electronic connectors, HARTING?…

RFID system components.

Download Catalogs Please download the flyer on RFID system components. Flyer RFID


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Product List

Part Number Product Name MFG Qty  
09300245425 HARTING 09300245425 Dust Cap / Cover, Protection Cover, Metal Body HARTING 0.00
09061152932 HARTING 09061152932 Shrouded Connector Header 15 POS 10.16mm Right Angle Thru-Hole Mount HARTING 2.00
09300160307 HARTING 09300160307 Standard Single lever bulkhead mounting housing, Size 16 HARTING 10.00
09305240441 HARTING 09305240441 HOOD, HAN 24E, TOP-ENTRY, SINGLE LEVER PEG HARTING 60.00
17341102102 HARTING 17341102102 CONNECTOR RECEPTACLE 110POS HARTING 0.00
19000005094 HARTING 19000005094 Heavy Duty Power Connectors CABLE PROTECT M32 CABLE DIA 13-20 mm HARTING 4.00
65R1 HOFFMAN 65R1 Ring Lug Terminal #10 Stud 6 AWG Wire HARTING 548.00
09330242701 Harting 09330242701 Housing Heavy Duty Power Connector HARTING 0.00
Ha-VIS eCon 2000 and 3000 HARTING offers Ha-VIS eCon 2000 and 3000 families HARTING 0.00
2422 HARTING 09300160307 Metal Handle Han 16B-agg-LB HARTING 0.00
09-30-024-5425 HARTING 09-30-024-5425 24B Protection cover 8+0 poles + PE HARTING 12.00
09-73-232-2801 09732322801 HARTING DIN 41612 Connectors DIN-Signal R 032FS-3,01-1 HARTING 0.00
09300160307- HARTING 09300160307 Heavy Duty Power Connector Bulkhead Mount HARTING 30.00
17-34-110-2102 HARTING 17211102102 Hard Metric Connector 110 Position TYPE AB22 Female Module HARTING 45.00
09-30-024-0302 09 30 024 0302 HARTING BULKHEAD HOUSING, SIZE 24B, METAL, ROHS HARTING 0.00
09-02-000-9928 Harting 09-02-000-9928 Connector DIN 41612 12 Position (Pin) Coding Pin HARTING 0.00
09185146913001 0918-514-6913-001 HARTING CONNECTOR HEADER SEK 18 MALE 14POS 2ROW RoHS HARTING 0.00
09300165425 HARTING 09300165425 Protection Cover 16B HARTING 0.00
09-30-016-0301 09-30-016-0301 HARTING HAN 16B BULKHEAD HEADER HARTING 0.00
09-16-072-3101 09160723101 HARTING POWER CONNECTORS HAN DD 72P HARTING 0.00
09-03-196-6921 09031966921 HARTING CONNECTOR 96P 2A MALE R/A SLDR DIN 41612 SIGNAL CONNECT HARTING 0.00
09-30-024-1530 Harting 09-30-024-1530 Han B Hood Side Entry LC 2 Levers PG 21 HARTING 0.00
0933-010-2601 Harting 0933 010 2601 Heavy Duty Connector Insert 10WAY SCREW RoHS HARTING 0.00
0903-264-7825 Harting Technology 09032647825 Connector 64 POS 2.54mm Solder ST Thru-Hole RoHS HARTING 0.00
0906-203-2811 Harting 09062032811 Connector 3 POS 10.16mm Solder ST Thru-Hole RoHS HARTING 0.00
09670094704 09670094704 Harting Standard Connector D-Sub 09P HARTING 0.00
09672255604 09672255604 Harting Standard Connector D-Sub 25P HARTING 0.00
09185106324 09185106324 Harting Header Connector IDC 10P HARTING 0.00
09672095604 09672095604 HARTING D-Sub Standard Connector 9 Terminal 1 Port HARTING 0.00
09320006208 09320006208 HARTING Contact Crimp Socket 10 AWG HARTING 0.00
09330006220 09330006220 HARTING Connector Contact Crimp Socket 20 AWG HARTING 0.00
09140063141 09140063141 HARTING Connector Housing Female, 6 Contacts HARTING 0.00
09140022651 09140022651 Harting Power Connector 2 POS HARTING 0.00
9022646825 09022646825 HARTING Connector 64 Position Din HARTING 0.00
21-03-881-2405 21038812405 Harting M8 / M12 Circular Connector HARTING 0.00
09042326831 09042326831 Harting Connector 32 Contacts DIN 41612 HARTING 0.00
9021647921 9021647921 Harting Din Connector Header 64 Position HARTING 0.00
09454521560 09454521560 Harting RJ45 Cat6 Coupler HARTING 0.00
09120053001 09120053001 Harting Power Connector Rectangular Plug HARTING 0.00
09692020072 09692020072 Harting D Sub Connector Housing HARTING 0.00
09000005082 09000005082 Harting PG11 Metallic Metal Cable Gland 7 - 10.5mm Cable Dia Range IP68 HARTING 0.00
09200030320 09200030320 Harting Connector 1 Lever 3A IP44 Bulkhead Mount HARTING 0.00
9185407904 9185407904 Harting Wire-To-Board Connector 40 Position HARTING 20.00
09200030301 09200030301 Harting Low Profile Base, 1 Lever, 3A Vertical Bulkhead Mount HARTING 0.00
09-20-003-2611 09200032611 Harting Gray Connector 3+Ground Position Screw HARTING 0.00
09330006102 09330006102 Harting Contact Crimp Pin 14AWG HARTING 0.00
19300060547 19300060547 Harting Heavy Duty Connector, M32, Hood, Side Entry HARTING 0.00