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Interconnect Devices Inc (IDI) / Smiths Connectors

Interconnect Devices (IDI) is a provider of spring contact probe based technologies, including connectors, advanced semiconductor test sockets, ATE interfaces and spring contact probes. Founded in 1979, IDI was acquired by Smiths in 2010.

Interconnect Devices, Inc. designs and manufactures spring contact probes. It provides connectors, such as blind mate, board to board, docking, dovetail, harsh environment, high cycle life, high density, power, quick connect and disconnect, RF, sealed, surface mount, and wiping and sliding connectors; test sockets and contactors, including Euclid test, CSP, BGA and LGA, PoP, leadless, leaded, and WLCSP sockets; and loaded board probes, such as search, list, ICT, lead free, and loaded board high current probes, as well as rotators, wireless receptacles, and interface probes and pins. The company also offers specialty probes that include micro series fine pitch, coaxial, double ended, high current, switch, kelvin, thermocouple, test socket, and connector probes, as well as wireless receptacles; and battery contact and connector probes, semiconductor probes, crimping pliers and insertion tools, and ATE interfaces. It serves military and aerospace, medical electronics, semiconductor test, automated test equipment, test and measurement, communications, and industrial equipment markets.