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KITAGAWA America offers a broad range of the most advanced and sophisticated EMI/RFI shielding components. These products are designed to provide solutions to all EMI/RFI and ESD requirements.

The product lines comprise a wide range of ferrite products for the EMI suppression, cable shielding materials, grounding fasteners and conductive gaskets. Other product line segments include a complete selection of plastic fasteners and hardware for the electronic packaging, optical fiber inspection equipment and thermal management components.

Many of the KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America products in the EMI/ESD range are unique in terms of technical characteristics and quality.

Ferrite Core: Split Toroidal Ferrite Cores with Plastic Housing
GTFC Series (Patented)

KITAGAWA America offers a variety of EMI Ferrite Cores for cable noise solutions on round cables. These environmental friendly and cost effective G cores come in one piece solid core types, split types that have two halves, and split type cores with plastic casings.

Settings 2 Products

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is concerned with both the process of emission of unintentional electromagnetic energy from an electronic equipment and the ability of this equipment to function in the presence of interfering energy.

EMI Ferrite / EMI Ferrite Cores
EMI Absorbers
EMI Shielding

Thermal Pad

As technology continues to advance, the trend toward designing smaller products with higher performance capabilities is requiring many to innovate and think of new ways of managing heat in more efficient ways.

Silicone-Base Thermal Pads TH
Ultra-Soft Silicone-Free Thermal Pad
Thermally Conductive EMI Absorber DuAL
Phase Change Gel/Phase Change Materials (PCM) Change
Ceramic Heat Sink – CECD Series
Thermal Heat Spreader – HSD Series

Vibration Damping Material

Notebook computers, PDA’s, car navigation systems, mobile phones, and many other electronic types of equipment are subject to vibration from internal as well as external source, such as accidental dropping.

Standard Vibration Damping Items
Custom Vibration Damping Items


Plastic Components for Electronics Fasteners, Spacers, Clamps, Holders and many others.

Cable Ties
Ducts and Tubes


KITAGAWA America also provides unique components such as stainless steel CLIC-R Hose Clamps.