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LAPP Wire and Cable

Lapp wire

Lapp Cable (Lapp Group) designs, manufactures and supplies industrial cable and cable accessories. LAPP’s wide product range consists of control cables, data cables, highly flexible cables, cable glands, connectors and more. LAPP was founded in 1957 by Oskar Lapp with the OLFLEX brand, which was the first industrially produced signal cable in the world. Since then, LAPP has been recognized as a global leader in the manufacturing and branding of wire, cable, cable handling systems, cable harnessing, industrial connectors, and cable accessories. LAPP manufactures the highest quality cable, connectors, glands and industrial data communication solutions to enable factory automation, support plant infrastructure, and power and control machinery.

When you choose LAPP you connect with a group of industry experts who embrace the company’s rich history of developing solutions that enable our customers to achieve optimum productivity and greater business success. You’ll have access to a robust line of products that provide more uptime and reduce downtime, no matter the job at hand. You’ll connect with a global company that combines international capabilities with domestic manufacturing; which ensures the utmost in product quality and availability. And you’ll connect with unrivaled customer support that is with you every step of the way.

At LAPP, they understand the critical role electrical connectivity products play in a wide array of industrial manufacturing applications. And how our customers depend on the quality, performance and durability of LAPP’s cable and connectivity solutions to keep their facilities and lines up running, even in the most demanding conditions. LAPP products are proven to withstand harsh industrial environment factors including corrosive oil and water, temperature extremes, vibration, and continuous flexing. Their custom cable assemblies for power, data, signal, and control applications empower you to maximize your production through optimized connectivity. LAPP’s state of the art manufacturing plant includes an in-house UL Client Data Program and UL certified laboratory to ensure the highest quality, continuously tested industrial cables, connectors, and glands in the market.

LAPP’s complete connectivity solutions for industrial machine and infrastructure applications include a full suite of power and control cable, connectors, accessories and systems. These products and solutions are specifically tailored for a wide array of industries including automotive, food and beverage, Industrial Data Communication, material handling and manufacturing. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you to make the right connection.