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Lewden Electrical Industries – Sockets Connectors Plugs – Mechanical Components


Lewden Electrical Industries, a family-run company which makes bespoke equipment and electrical distribution systems.

Lewden have 60 years of experience in the design, manufacture and supply of electro mechanical products, to support the supply and distribution of electricity for industrial, commercial and construction applications, our plugs, connectors and switches are distributed worldwide.

Lewden Electrical Circuit Protection: Main Switches, Surge Protection, 3Phase Boards, Extension Boards, Miniature Cuircuit Breakers, Meter Boards, Weatherproof Sockets, RCD Sockets, Isolators & Fused Switches, Torque Screwdriver, Control Gear, Control Devices, and Metal & GRP Enclosures.


  • Cable and Wire
  • Connectors - Accessories
  • Plugs and Sockets
  • Switches - General
  • Transformers




Slow-blow Chip Fuse

  • excellent impact resistance
  • strength and rigidity
  • resistance to various chemicals
  • resistance to abrasion
  • resistance to tracking
  • excellent electrical contact
  • ample wiring space
  • excellent breaking capacity

Lewden Electrical Industries - Industrial Sockets Connectors Plugs - Mechanical Components IBS Electronics parts and components distributor


A V Lewden Electrical Industries- Connectors
Lewden Electrical Industries- Connectors
Lewden Electrical Industries- Connectors
20 110-130 PM320C4W
125/250* PM420C12W
240 PM320C6W PM420C9W PM520C9W
480 PM320C7W PM420C7W PM520C7W
600 PM420C5W PM520C5W
30 110-130 PM330C4W
125/250* PM430C12W
240 PM330C6W PM430C9W PM530C9W
480 PM330C7W PM430C7W PM530C7W
600 PM430C5W PM530C5W
60 110-130 PM360C4W
125/250* PM460C12W
240 PM360C6W PM460C9W PM560C9W
480 PM360C7W PM460C7W PM560C7W
600 PM460C5W PM560C5W
100** 110-130 PM3100C4W
125/250* PM4100P12W
240 PM3100C6W PM4100C9W PM5100C9W
480 PM3100C7W PM4100C7W PM5100C7W
600 PM4100C5W PM5100C5W
  • *This voltage specially made for the North American market in L+N+L+E configuration for 125/250V supplies.
  • ** Not for interrupting current.



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Product List:

Part Number Product Name Qty Price (US$)  
PM32/791 LEWDEN PM32/791 Industrial Plug & Sockets Appliance 0 11.0000
622-004 Connector LEWDEN PM16/2100N Rated IP44 splashproof 2 7.0000
PM16/791 LEWDEN PM16/791 W/GASKET 0 4.5000
453222 453222 LEWDEN SOCKETS 230V 5P Splashproof 0 0.0000