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Cable Design Technologies – CDT

Manhattan CDT
Cable Design Technologies is a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced electronic data transmission cables for network, communications, specialty electronics, and automation and process control applications, including complete voice and data wiring solutions, fiber optic connective solutions and other components required to build high performance telecommunications infrastructures. The Company’s products are manufactured or distributed under the trade names Montrose/CDT, Phalo/CDT, West Penn/CDT, Mohawk/CDT, Manhattan/CDT, X-Mark/CDT, Dearborn/CDT, Thermax/CDT, Barcel/CDT, NORDX/CDT and NORCOM/CDT in Canada, NEK/CDT and Orebro/CDT in Sweden, Anglo American/CDT and Raydex/CDT in the U.K., and Cekan/CDT in Denmark, and HEW/CDT in Germany.

Alpha Wire Company has the branded products and the expertise that today’s advanced technology companies have come to rely on in their most critical applications – from the tough, durable XTRA-GUARD High Performance Electronic Cables to the manufacturing-critical Alpha Wire INDUSTRIAL SERIES to FIT Preferred Heat Shrink Products, for Computer, Telecommunication, Medical, Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing, Industrial Automation and other application critical industries.

Alpha Wire’s Manhattan brand has been a trusted and reliable source of cable for over 60 years. Whether you need something as simple as a power cord or a cable that can maintain audio-video signal integrity in a noisy environment, you’ll find the breadth and depth of products to ensure an optimum solution to your application.

• Audio/video
• Computer
• Thermocouple
• Control
• Plenum
• Coaxial
• Cords/cordage
• High temperature
• Security and data
• Instrumentation

Audio/video cable Choose the correct number of conductors, gauge, insulation, shielding, jacket material, UL/CSA/ NEC approvals, and any other parameters to find the right cable for your application.

Computer cable We offer the widest range of shielded and unshielded configurations to satisfy applications including traditional RS-232 and RS-422 interfaces, point-of-sale equipment, and modems and multiplexers. For extended distances, we offer cables with very low capacitance.

Instrumentation cable Maintain the integrity of analog and digital signals with our broad product portfolio of single and multiple pair shielded and unshielded products.

Control cable We offer UL style TC in a variety of conductor counts, gauges, and shielding options, all with durable PVC/nylon insulation and PVC jackets. We also offer MIL-DTL-16878 cables with 600 V and 1000 V ratings.

Plenum cable We offer a full range of cables for control, computer interconnections, security, alarms, and building energy management systems in a variety of plenum-rated insulations and jackets.

Coaxial cable For a complete range of 50, 75, 93, and 100 ohm coaxial, twinaxial, and triaxial cables, we offer a wide range of insulations and jackets meeting the requirements of military specifications and regulatory agencies such as UL and CSA.

Cords/cordsets All our cords are UL Listed and CSA Certified; we also offer a wide range of CENELEC-approved products for international use. Options include two- and threeconductor cords, shielded or unshielded, stripped and terminated cable ends, straight or retractile cords, and all common plug and receptacle configurations.

High-temperature cable Alpha Wire’s Manhattan brand of high-temperature cables are available for temperatures ranging from 150°C to 540°C. We make it easy for you select the right cable to meet the demanding hightemperature requirements for control and power applications.

Security and data Count on Alpha Wire for a complete product family of security and data cables, optimized for security video, data, and monitoring applications.

Thermocouple cable You can find the perfect Manhattan brand thermocouple cable based on conductor combinations JX, KX, EX, and SX, as well as insulations suited for applications up to 200°C, for quality and accurate temperature measurement.