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NorComp, is a leader in the design and worldwide manufacture of I/O interconnect products, marketing a broad range of D-Sub, SCSI and Delta Ribbon connectors and backshells. The company focuses on providing comprehensive interconnect solutions to the challenges posed by emerging electronic platforms.

NorComp’s strategic objective is to become a leading interconnect solutions provider by utilizing its’ supply chain services, engineering and manufacturing capabilities throughout the world and applying these competencies to key customers in core markets served.


NorComp MICRO-DNorComp designed the MICRO-D Micro Miniature D-Sub Connectors for commercial applications where space is at a premium but a robust I/O connector solution is still required.


NorComp SEAL-DThe NorComp IP67 SEAL-D D-Sub Connectors utilize a proprietary sealing technology which maintains the same physical size and footprint as standard D-Sub products.


NorComp M-SERIESNorComp’s robust High Density Screw Machined D-Sub Connectors are designed with a reduced footprint for applications where space is limited and durable performance is required.


NorComp ARMORNorComp’s ARMOR D-Sub Backshells are designed for rugged / robust applications including but not limited to: Military, Industrial, and Aerospace.


NorComp POWER-DThe NorComp POWER-D mixed contact connectors are designed for rugged / robust applications where both power & signal are required from a single connection.