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Positronic Connectors

Positronic Connectors
Positronic is a global manufacturer of high reliability electronic connectors for use in various applications related to military, space, commercial aerospace, medical, industrial, test, rail, and many others. Core capabilities include solid machined contacts with low resistance/high conductivity for use in standard and quick-turn custom connectors. Key products include high power, D-sub, rectangular, modular and circular connectors.

Key products include high power, D-sub, rectangular, modular and circular connectors. Many parts are offered off-the-shelf for immediate shipment using the company’s e-commerce partner, PosiShop.com. Features include options for mixed density, blind mating, optical, waterproof (IP67), hermetic, thermocouple, spaceflight, mil-spec, solder/wire/press-fit terminations and various accessories. Connector types include options for free cable, PCB mount and panel mount.

February 1, 2021: Positronic announced that the company has been acquired by Amphenol Corporation. This acquisition brings together industry leading knowledge and experience in the market and provides customers with a broad range of products and technical design support for their interconnect solutions. Positronic products complement the Amphenol offering, and the acquisition will allow customers to take advantage of a broad DSub military / aerospace connector portfolio and have access to new, innovative technologies in the future.

Although a large catalog of standard products exists, customized solutions are available as well. In fact, Positronic is known globally for the unique ability to quickly modify existing or create new products to meet application-specific needs.

Positronic’s Products

  • Application Specific
    • -Hermetically Sealed
  • Assembly Equipment
    • -Automatic Assembly
    • -Hand Tools
  • Circular
    • -Power Circular
    • -Commercial or Plastic Circular
  • Fiber Optic
    • -Other Fiber Optic Connectors
  • Heavy Duty
    • -Industrial
    • -Special Purpose
  • I/O Connectors
    • -D-Subminiatures
    • -Power
    • -Rack & Panel

About Amphenol Corporation:

Amphenol Corporation is one of the world’s largest designers, manufacturers and marketers of electrical, electronic and fiber optic connectors and interconnect systems, antennas, sensors and sensor-based products and coaxial and high-speed specialty cable. Amphenol designs, manufactures and assembles its products at facilities in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa and sells its products through its own global sales force, independent representatives and a global network of electronics distributors. Amphenol has a diversified presence as a leader in high-growth areas of the interconnect market including: Automotive, Broadband Communications, Commercial Aerospace, Industrial, Information Technology and Data Communications, Military, Mobile Devices and Mobile Networks. Visit https://www.amphenol.com/ for more details.