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Corcom / TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity
Corcom is the world leader in RFI technology. Since 1955, Corcom has been providing solutions to leading telecommunications, computer, industrial and medical companies worldwide through their wide range of power line filters, power entry modules, and filtered modular jacks (RJ11-RJ45), which are specifically designed to help bring equipment into FCC and international emissions standards. Corcom’s product line includes telecom and Ethernet connectors, EMI / RFI suppressors and ferrites, feed-thru capacitors, frequency control filters, as well as power line filters. All Corcom RFI filters have been designed and tested for susceptibility and/or emissions applications, and have received approval from major safety agencies throughout the world, including UL, CSA and VDE.

2001: Tyco Electronics Corp. has agreed to acquire Corcom , relay supplier CII Technologies Inc. .
Based in Asheville, Nc., CII builds high-performance and general-purpose relays as well as contactors, transformers, and EMI/RFI filters for aerospace, defense, communications, and commercial/industrial applications.

Corcom Product Guide