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Samtec Connectors – Mechanical Components


Samtec, Inc., is a worldwide manufacturer of P.C. Board level interconnects. Samtec is the service leader in the electronic interconnect industry. Founded in 1976, Samtec is a privately held, $500M global manufacturer of a broad line of electronic interconnects, including high speed, micro pitch, rugged/power, and flexible board stacking systems, cable assemblies and components, IP68 sealed I/O, and RF components and cables. Popular Samtec interconnects include micro pitch board-to-board systems (on .100”, 2mm, .050”, 1mm, .8mm, .635mm, .5mm, and .4mm pitch), high speed mezzanine systems, high density arrays, rugged/power systems, and cable assemblies (IDC, discrete wire, sealed/circulars, flex circuits, and high speed).

Samtec RF Connectors, Cables, and Components
Samtec RF products include 50 ohm and 75 ohm cable assemblies, connectors and components, as well as micro high frequency U.FL and W.FL systems. Samtec’s Original Solutions include ganged and high isolation cable systems, high performance test point systems, high vibration, and 100 ohm shielded twisted pair cable assemblies. Lead times for standard products are 2-5 days.

Samtec Cable Assembly products include high speed assemblies with micro coax or twinax cables. Sealed panel and I/O systems are IP67 and IP68 protected. Also available is a full line of discrete wire, IDC, and FFC cable assemblies, including a broad selection of housings and contacts, as well as hand-tools and semi-automatic applicators.

Samtec products are used in a variety of markets and applications, including:
– Telecom and datacom systems and equipment
– Computers, peripherals, systems
– Industrial controls and robotics
– Instrumentation
– Medical
– Test and Measurement
– Automotive
– Avionic and Military

Samtec, Inc. is QS-9000 registered with a 5-A1 Dun and Bradstreet rating, the highest available for a corporation this size.


SEARAY™ High Density System
Samtec SEARAY™ Board-to-Board Interconnect SystemSEARAY™ is a .050” high density, high speed board-to-board interconnect system. The SEAM/SEAF Series open pin field array configuration allows maximum routing and design flexibility. SEARAY™ can be mapped as a single-ended application, differential pair application, or a combination of both. When routed as a single-ended system, SEARAY™ is rated at 5 GHz per pin (at -3dB insertion loss).

The contacts in the SEARAY™ system are robust and allow for “zippering” when mating and unmating the connectors. The Edge Rate™ contact lowers insertion and extraction forces, an important consideration given SEARAY™ is available with up to 500 I/Os. SEARAY™ is available in stack heights from 7mm to 17.5mm.

SEARAY™ utilizes Samtec’s patent pending solder charge technology to simplify IR reflow termination and improve solder joint reliability. The advantage of this technology, compared to standard BGA/solder ball attachment, is that the interconnects are subjected to extreme heat only once during assembly of the connector to the PCB (as opposed to twice with solder ball attach methods). This becomes more relevant with the higher temperatures required for lead-free processing. SEARAY™ is currently available with a tin-lead solder crimp as well as a lead-free tin alloy solder charge, which is ROHS compliant.

Q Strip® High Speed Mezzanine
Samtec Q Strip® Mezzanine ConnectorsSamtec Q Strip® mezzanine connectors are designed for high speed board-to-board applications where signal integrity is essential. These interconnects are available on three different pin pitches (.5mm, .635mm, .8mm).

Q Strip® connectors have surface mount signal contacts as well as an integral surface mount ground/power plane between the two rows of signals for improved electrical performance. This ground/power plane is rated at 8.9A at 80C. Mated sets of the Q Strip® connectors are available in eight stack heights from 5mm (.197”) to 30mm (1.180”). Options include guideposts for blind mate scenarios as well as alignment pins and locking clips for proper connector placement before reflow.

Versions are also available specifically for differential pair applications (Q Pairs®). The “–DP” option is available with up to 20 differential pairs per bank for a total of up to 100 pairs (5 banks) per interconnect.

Hi Reliability, Rugged Tiger Eye System
Samtec Hi Reliability, Rugged Tiger Eye SystemSamtec’s popular Tiger Eye™ contact is a staple of many rugged interconnect products. The Tiger Eye™ has three points of contact for high reliability and excellent spring properties for high mating cycles.

Tiger Eye™ is available in surface mount and through hole pins and is often available with rugged latching features and alignment options. The popular Samtec series includes the 050” TFM Terminal with SFM Socket, and the 2mm pitch TMM Terminal with SMM Socket.

Samtec has three focus product categories:
  • Signal Integrity Systems (Signal Integrity At Any DistanceTM - From 3mm to 3 Meters) This includes signal integrity products and services.
  • Rugged Systems (Rugged From The Outside InTM) Samtec´s line of rugged products includes power-to-board, sealed circular, and rugged/high shock and vibration systems.
  • Micro Systems (Flexibility) Flexible board stacking from .5mm pitch to .200” and above.
Products Details
BOARD-TO-BOARD - Standard .100" and 2mm

  • Standard .100” and 2mm
  • Micro/One Piece
  • Low Profile/Skyscraper
  • Right Angle (perpendicular) and Horizontal
  • Micro Card
  Samtec Terminals, Crimps distributor

  • Board-to-Board
  • Cable-to-Board
  • Panel-to-Board/Panel-to-Panel
  • RF
  Samtec High Speed Connectors distributor

  • Outside to Inside the Box
    • Panel-to-Panel Cable Plugs
    • Panel Receptacles
  • Inside the Box
    • Board-to-Board
    • Cable-to-Board
  • Rugged Designs
  • Application Tooling
    • Hand Tools
    • Mini Applicators
    • Bench Top Press
    • Field Support
  • Automotive
  Samtec Adaptor Cards and components distributor

  • D Subs
  • Mod Jacks
  • High Speed Serial I/O
  • Circular Mini DINs
  • Cable
  • Cross Reference
  Samtec I/O Connectors distributor

  • Data Rate
  • Flex
  • Discrete Wire
  • Ribbonized IDC
  • I/O
  • RF
  • Custom Products
  Samtec Cable and Wire distributor

  • Types of ASP's
    • Pins
    • Body
    • Special Plating
    • Custom Connectors and Packaging
    • Testing and Development
    • Highlight ASP's
  • ASP-65067-01 Agilent Logic Analyzer
  • ASP-65267-02 Test Probe Adapter - EM
  • ASP-105884-01 Rapid I/O XMC, Mezz. Conn. (Carrier)
  • ASP-105885-01 Rapid I/O XMC, Mezz. Conn. (Module)
  • ASP-67923-02 Nokia M2M
  • ASP-67785-03 Nokia M2M
  • HDR-109294-01 Wind River's Wind River Probe
  Samtec PCI Connectors distributor



  • Automotive Chipset Riser Card Consumer
  • Fiber Optic Components Hand Held Appliances High Resolution Graphics
  • Industrial Industrial Computing (Embedded Systems) Industrial Robotics
  • Medical Military Products Multi-Chip Modules
  • Networking Notebook Computing Semiconductor
  • Servers Set Top Box Storage Drives
  • Telecom Test Equipment Testhead
  • Transceivers/Transponders




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Product List:

Part Number Product Name Qty Price (US$)  
MMT10601TSH SAMTEC MMT-106-01-T-SH Connector 6 Contacts, Header, 2 mm 0.7000
TSM10201STLSHPTR TSM-102-01-STL-SH-P-TR SAMTEC Connector Unshrouded Header 2 Position 0.8000
MTMS-101-02-S-S-100 SAMTEC MTMS-101-02-S-S-100 Connector Unshrouded Header 0.1200
ESS-120-TT-04 SAMTEC ESS-120-TT-04 Connector Socket Strip 20 Position 2.54mm Solder 4.0000
TSM-104-01-T-SH Samtec TSM-104-01-T-SH Unshrouded Header, 2.54 mm, 1 Row, 4Position 0.5000
TSM11901TSH Samtec TSM-119-01-T-SH Connector 19 Position Pin Header 0.10" Spacing 2.3600
MTSW10428TS MTSW-104-28-T-S Samtec Connector Header 4 Position 0.5500
BSW10204GD SAMTEC BSW-102-04-G-D Bottom Mount 4 Pin Socket 0.1" 2.54mm 0.8500
HTMS110-01-GD-SM-P SAMTEC HTMS110-01-GD-SM-PHD Connector, Pin Header 1.27mm Pitch 20 Pins 0.9000
ZW0410TS520205 SAMTEC ZW-04-10-T-S-520-205 Board Stacker Connector 0.025" 4 Position 0.5000
MTSW-150-22-G-S-370 SAMTEC MTSW-150-22-G-S-370 Connector HEADER 50 PIN HD 4.8300
ZSS-136-04-LD-815 Samtec ZSS-136-04-L-D-815 Elevated Shrouded Header, 2.54 mm, 72P 3.2500
QTH-030-01-L-D-A-K SAMTEC QTH-030-01-L-D-A-K Connector Header 60POS 0.5MM SMT 11.4500
UPT-04-01-01-L-RA SAMTEC UPT-04-01-01-L-RA CONNECTOR, HEADER, 4POS, 1ROW, 3.81MM 3.7400
ASP-21516-01 SAMTEC ASP-21516-01 Socket Strip 40 Pin Adapter Male to Female (2 X 20) 1.2800
ASP-63525-15 SAMTEC ASP-63525-15 Millipede Header 36 Position 1.95mm Spacing Gold Plated 0.9000
ESQT-110-02-M-Q-752 ESQT-110-02-M-Q-752 Samtec Connector 20 Position Elevated Socket Connector 0.079" (2.00mm) Through Hole Gold 0.0000
FLE-108-01-G-DV-K-TR Samtec FLE-108-01-G-DV-K-TR Connector Socket Strip 16 POS 1.27mm SMD 0.4500
IPL1-102-02-FM-D SAMTEC IPL1-102-02-FM-D Vertical Surface Mount 4 Pin Shrouded Connector Header 0.1" Spacing (2.54mm) 0.9700
IPL1-105-02-F-D Samtec IPL1-105-02-F-D Connector Mini-Power Terminal Strip 10 POS 2.54mm Solder ST SMD 1.6500
QSH-030-01-L-D-AKTR SAMTEC QSH-030-01-L-D-A-K-TR, Conn Micro High Speed Socket Strip SKT 60 POS 0.5mm Solder ST SMD T/R 0.0000
SLW-136-01-G-S SAMTEC SLW-136-01-G-S Connector 36 Position Receptacle Connector Gold 0.100" (2.54mm) Through Hole 5.0000
ESS-120-TT/25 SAMTEC ESS-120-TT-25 Connector Socket Strip 20 Position 2.54mm Spacing 4.4900
MMT11701TSH SAMTEC MMT-117-01-T-SH Connector Header 17 Position 2mm SMD 2.5000
SSQ-106-01-F-S SSQ-106-01-F-S Samtec Socket Strip 6 POS 2.54MM 0.0000
FTSH-105-01-L-DV-P-T SAMTEC FTSH-105-01-L-DV-P-TR Connector UNSHROUDED HEADER 10 POS 1.27MM SMD 0.0000
BCS-103-L-D-TE SAMTEC BCS-103-L-D-TE Board-To-Board Connector, 2.54 mm, 6 Contacts, Receptacle, BCS Series, Solder, 2 Rows 0.0000
SFMC-120-T1-L-D SFMC-120-T1-L-D Samtec Socket Strip 40 POS 1.27MM 2ROW SOLDER THRU-HOLE 0.0000
SQT-117-01-L-D SAMTEC SQT-117-01-L-D Connector Socket Strip SKT 34 POS 3.2500
T2M-109-01-L-D-RA-WT SAMTEC T2M-109-01-L-D-RA-WT Connector Header 30 POSITION, 2ROW, 2MM 0.0000
HSS-103-G-38 HSS-103-G-38, SAMTEC, Connector Socket Strip SKT 3 POS 2.54mm Solder ST Thru 0.0000
SQT-122-01-F-T-RA SQT-122-01-F-T-RA Samtec Connector 66 Position 0.0000
SEAM2001L062RAK-TR SEAM-20-01-L-06-2-RA-K-TR Samtec Connector High Density Array 120 Position SMD 0.0000
SSW-106-02-F-T SSW-106-02-F-T SAMTEC Receptacle Connector 18 Position Through Hole, Right Angle 0.0000
TSW-106-08-F-T-RA TSW-106-08-F-T-RA Samtec Connector Header 18 POS 2.54mm 0.0000
SQW-112-01-F-D-VS-K SQW-112-01-F-D-VS-K Samtec Connector 24 Position 0.0000
SQW112-01-F-D-VS-KTR SQW-112-01-F-D-VS-K-TR Samtec Connector 20 Position Receptacle 2.00mm SMD RoHS 0.0000
FOLC-140-M2-L-Q-LC FOLC-140-M2-L-Q-LC SAMTEC Receptacle Connector 160 Position Surface Mount, Through Hole 44.8900
MOLC-140-M1-L-Q-LC MOLC-140-M1-L-Q-LC SAMTEC Connector Header 160 position 32.3000
TSW-112-07-G-S TSW-112-07-G-S SAMTEC Board-To-Board Connector, Single, 2.54 mm, 12 Contacts, Header, Through Hole, 1 Rows 2.7200
TSW-120-07-G-D TSW-120-07-G-D SAMTEC Header Connector 40 Positions 0.100" (2.54mm) Through Hole Gold 6.7800
TSW-130-07-G-D TSW-130-07-G-D SAMTEC Terminal Strip 60 POS 2.54mm 6.6400
MOLC-140-31-L-Q-LC MOLC-140-31-L-Q-LC Samtec Pin Header, 160 Contacts 36.7000
SMA-J-P-H-RA-TH1 SMA-J-P-H-RA-TH1 Samtec RF Connectors / Coaxial Connectors 50 Ohm SMA Jack RoHS 5.3100
TSW-104-07-G-S TSW-104-07-G-S Samtec Connector Header 4 POS 2.54MM 2.1800
ZW-08-11-G-D-452-242 ZW-08-11-G-D-452-242 Samtec Stacking Board Connector Header 16 Contacts 2.54mm 2 Rows 1.7000
TSM-120-04-S-DV SAMTEC TSM-120-04-S-DV Connector Pin Header 40 Pins 2.54mm 0.1" Spacing 0.6500
TSM-108-01-L-SH-TR Samtec TSM-108-01-L-SH-TR Connector Unshrouded Header 8 POS 2.54mm Solder RA SMD T/R 0.2500
TSM-108-01-L-SH SAMTEC TSM-108-01-L-SH Connector Header 0.0000
TMS-113-01-S-D TMS-113-01-S-D, SAMTEC CONNECTOR HEADER 26POS 1.27MM 2.0000
TSM-113-01-S-D TSM-113-01-S-D SAMTEC Terminal Strip 2.0000
USB-A-S-F-W-SM2-R USB-A-S-F-W-SM2-R SAMTEC USB Connector 2.0000
SSW-1-10-01-G-D Samtec SSW-1-10-01-G-D Connector Socket Strip 20 Position 1.4200
TSW-103-08-S-D Samtec TSW-103-08-S-D Unshrouded Pin Header 6 Position 2.54mm 0.7500
SS4-20-3.50-L-D-K-TR SS4-20-3.50-L-D-K-TR SAMTEC Connector Socket, 40 Position SMD RoHS 10.6000
TMM-105-01-G-S TMM-105-01-G-S SAMTEC Connector Header Through Hole 5 position 0.0000
TSW-116-24-S-D TSW-116-24-S-D Samtec Connector Unshrouded Header HDR 32 POS 2.54mm 1.8000
HW-04-12-G-D-649-250 HW-04-12-G-D-649-250 SAMTEC CONNECTOR BD STACKER HDR 8 POS 2.54MM RoHS 0.0000
SSW-107-01-G-D SAMTEC SSW-107-01-G-D Connector Socket Strip 14 POS 2.54mm 0.0000
TMMH-117-01-F-DV TMMH-117-01-F-DV SAMTEC HEADER, 2MM, SMT, 51WAY RoHS 3.7000
MTMM-112-06-F-D-140 MTMM-112-06-F-D-140 SAMTEC Connector Strip 24 Position 2MM DOUBLE ROW RoHS 3.3500
ST4-20-2.50-L-D-P-TR ST4-20-2.50-L-D-P-TR Samtec Inc Connector, Header, 40, 0.4 mm 5.0700
ASP-65067-01-K-TR ASP-65067-01-K-TR Samtec Socket Connector 100P 0.9000
SLW-104-01-T-S SLW-104-01-T-S Samtec Connector Socket 4 POS 2.54mm 0.9000
EHF-108-01-L-D-RA EHF-108-01-L-D-RA Samtec Connector Ejector Header 16 POS 1.27mm 5.8900
EHF-117-01-L-D-RA EHF-117-01-L-D-RA Samtec Connector Ejector Header 34 POS 1.27mm 7.2200
FFSD-08-D-20.0001NRW FFSD-08-D-20.00-01-N-RW Samtec FEMALE IDC ASSEMBLY .050 x .050 C.L. 0.0000
FFSD-25-D-12.6001NRW FFSD-25-D-12.60-01-N-RW Samtec Cable Assembly Flat Ribbon 0.32m 30AWG 50 POS 0.0000
FTSH-125-01-L-DV-EJ FTSH-125-01-L-DV-EJ Samtec Connector, Micro, Header, 50, 1.27 mm 8.1800
TSH-125-01-L-DV-EJAP TSH-125-01-L-DV-EJAP Samtec Connector, Micro, Header, 50P, 1.27 mm 8.1800
FTSH-125-01-L-DVEJAP FTSH-125-01-L-DV-EJ-A-P Samtec Connector Ejector Header 50 POS 1.27mm 6.0800
TMMH-122-01-F-T-RA TMMH-122-01-F-T-RA Samtec Connector Header 2mm, THT, R/A, 66Way 7.4000
MEC1-170-02-F-D-A MEC1-170-02-F-D-A SAMTEC Connector Card Edge SKT 140 POS 1mm SMD 6.5000
LCW-106-08-G-S-230LL LCW-106-08-G-S-230LL Samtec Connector 6 POS 2.54mm 0.0000
SFMC-114-T1-L-D SAMTEC SFMC-114-T1-L-D Connector .050 X .050 CUTTABLE SOCKET STRIP 0.0000
MMS-102-02-F-SV MMS-102-02-F-SV, SAMTEC, Connector Socket Strip SKT 2 POS 2mm Solder ST 0.6000
MMS-104-02-F-SV MMS-104-02-F-SV SAMTEC Conn Socket Strip SKT 4 POS 2mm Solder ST 0.8500
MMS-108-02-F-SV MMS-108-02-F-SV SAMTEC Connector Socket Strip 8 POS 1.5000
MMS-113-02-F-SV MMS-113-02-F-SV SAMTEC Connector Socket Strip 13 POS 1.8000
MMS-120-02-F-SV MMS-120-02-F-SV SAMTEC Connector Socket Strip 20 POS 3.0000
SFMC-118-T1-L-D SFMC-118-T1-L-D Samtec Receptacle Connector 0.050" (1.27mm) 36 Position 4.7480
SFM-110-01-L-D SFM-110-01-L-D Samtec Connector Socket Strip SKT 20 POS 1.27mm SMD 0.0000
MTLW-120-07-G-D-280 SAMTEC MTLW-120-07-G-D-280 Connector Unshrouded Header 40 POS 2.54mm Thru-Hole 0.0000
CC69L-1620-01-T-SP CC69L-1620-01-T-SP Samtec Contact Crimp 20-16AWG 0.0000
SMS-110-01-T-D Samtec SMS-110-01-T-D Connector Socket Strip SKT 20 POS 1.27mm Solder ST Thru-Hole 0.0000
FTSH-105-01-S-DV-P FTSH-105-01-S-DV-P Samtec Connector Header 10 Positions 1.27mm 0.0000
FTSH-105-01-S-DV-P-T FTSH-105-01-S-DV-P-TR Samtec Connector Header 10 Positions 1.27mm 0.0000
HTSW-110-23-SM-D-LL HTSW-110-23-SM-D-LL Samtec Connector Receptacle 20 POS 2.54mm 0.0000
SFML-105-01-L-D-A SFML-105-01-L-D-A Samtec Connector Socket Strip 10 POS 1.27mm Solder ST Thru-Hole 0.0000
TFML-105-01-L-D-RA TFML-105-01-L-D-RA Samtec Connector Header 10 POS 1.27mm 2.2800
FTS-110-03-L-DV-SA FTS-110-03-L-DV-SA Samtec Connector Shrouded Header 20 POS 1.27mm 0.0000
CC69R-1620-01-T-SP CC69R-1620-01-T-SP Samtec Contact Crimp Socket 16-20 AWG Tin 0.0000
TSW-104-08-G-S-RA TSW-104-08-G-S-RA Samtec Connector Unshrouded Header 4 POS 2.54mm 1.0000
IPT1-105-01-S-D IPT1-105-01-S-D Samtec Header Connector 10 Positions 0.100" 0.0000
TSW-107-07-G-D TSW-107-07-G-D Samtec Header Connector 14 Contacts Terminal 0.0000
FTS-105-03-F-DV-P-TR FTS-105-03-F-DV-P-TR Samtec Connector Header 10 POS 1.27mm 1.9500
ERF8-030-07.0-L-DV-K ERF8-030-07.0-L-DV-K-TR Samtec Connector Socket Strip 60 POS 0.8mm 0.0000
ERM8-030-09.0-L-DV-K ERM8-030-09.0-L-DV-K-TR Samtec Connector Terminal Strip 60 POS 0.8mm 0.0000
IPL1-102-01-SM-D-RA IPL1-102-01-SM-D-RA-K Samtec Connector Terminal Strip 4 POS 2.54mm 0.0000
TSW-203-24-S-S TSW-203-24-S-S Samtec Connector Unshrouded Header 3 POS 5.08mm 0.0000
IPL1-105-02-F-D-K IPL1-105-02-F-D-K Samtec Connector Mini-Power Terminal Strip 10 POS 2.54mm 1.6500
IPL1-105-02-F-D-K-TR IPL1-105-02-F-D-K-TR Samtec Connector Mini-Power Terminal Strip 10 POS 2.54mm 1.6500
FTSH-105-01-LM-DVKPT FTSH-105-01-LM-DV-K-P-TR Samtec Connector Header 10 POS 1.27mm 0.0000
QTH-060-01-L-D-A-K-T QTH-060-01-L-D-A-K-TR Samtec Connector Terminal Strip Header 120 POS 0.5mm 0.0000
TFM-110-02-S-D-A-P-T TFM-110-02-S-D-A-P-TR Samtec Connector Header 20 position 1.27mm 0.0000
HLE-111-02-G-DV-A HLE-111-02-G-DV-A Samtec Connector Socket Strip 22 POS 2.54mm 0.0000
FTR-103-02-S-S FTR-103-02-S-S Samtec Connector Header 3 POS 0.0000
SS5-60-3.50-L-D-K-TR SS5-60-3.50-L-D-K-TR Samtec Connector Stacking Socket 120 POS 0.5mm 0.0000
ST5-60-1.50-L-D-P-TR ST5-60-1.50-L-D-P-TR Samtec Terminal Strip 120P 0.0000
MMS-125-01-L-DV MMS-125-01-L-DV Samtec Connector Socket Strip 50 POS 2mm 0.0000
TMMH-105-01-L-DV-M TMMH-105-01-L-DV-M-TR Samtec Connector Header 10 POS 2mm 0.0000
CLP-106-02-F-D-A CLP-106-02-F-D-A Samtec Socket Strip 12 POS 1.27mm 0.0000
CLP-106-02-F-D-BE-A CLP-106-02-F-D-BE-A Samtec Socket Strip 12 POS 1.27mm 0.0000
PCIE-036-02-F-D-TH PCIE-036-02-F-D-TH Samtec PCI Express Card 36 POS 1mm 0.0000
BCS-116-L-S-TE BCS-116-L-S-TE Samtec Connector Socket 16 Position 2.54mm 0.0000
MTLW-118-23-G-D-110 MTLW-118-23-G-D-110 Samtec Unshrouded Header 36 POS 2.54mm 0.0000
TLW-102-05-G-S TLW-102-05-G-S Samtec Unshrouded Header 2 POS 2.54mm 0.0000
TLW-103-05-G-S TLW-103-05-G-S Samtec Unshrouded Header 3 POS 2.54mm 0.0000
TLW-105-06-G-D TLW-105-06-G-D Samtec Unshrouded Header 10 POS 2.54mm 0.0000
HW-02-07-G-S-200-100 HW-02-07-G-S-200-100 Samtec Connector, Header 2.54 mm 2Pos 1 Rows 0.0000
ESQT-108-02-L-D-710 ESQT-108-02-L-D-710 Samtec Connector 16 Position Socket 0.0000
SSQ-106-02-G-S SSQ-106-02-G-S Samtec Connector Housing 6 Position 0.0000
ICA-640-W-GG ICA-640-WGG Samtec DIP Socket 40 POS 2.54mm 0.0000
TMS-140-01-L-S TMS-140-01-L-S Samtec Connector Header 40 POS 1.27mm Solder 0.0000
HTSW-105-07-G-D HTSW-105-07-G-D Samtec Connector Header 10 position 0.0000
ESQT-130-03-MQ368 ESQT-130-03-M-Q-368 Samtec Connector 0.0000
SFML-130-T2-S-D SFML-130-T2-S-D Samtec Connector 60 Position 0.0000
SSM-108-L-SH-TR SSM-108-L-SH-TR Samtec Receptacle Connector 8 Position 0.0000
SSM-108-L-DV-TR SSM-108-L-DV-TR Samtec Receptacle Connector 16 Position 0.0000
QSE-020-01-FDAK-TR QSE-020-01-F-D-A-K-TR Samtec Connector Socket Strip 40Position 0.0000
SMA-J-P-H-ST-EM1 SMA-J-P-H-ST-EM1 Samtec Connector SMA Jack 50-ohm 20GHz 0.0000
TSW-104-17-F-S TSW-104-17-F-S Samtec Connector Header 4 position 0.0000
PTT-104-01-S-D PTT-104-01-S-D Samtec Connector Header 8 position 0.0000
PTT-105-01-L-D PTT-105-01-L-D Samtec Connector Terminal Strip 10 position 0.0000
PTT-105-01-S-D PTT-105-01-S-D Samtec Connector Terminal Strip 10 position 0.0000
PTT-105-01-L-Q PTT-105-01-L-Q Samtec Connector Terminal Strip 20 position 0.0000
PTT-105-01-L-5 PTT-105-01-L-5 Samtec Connector Terminal Strip 25 position 0.0000
TSW-109-22-G-D-RA TSW-109-22-G-D-RA Samtec Connector Header 18 position 0.0000
SHF-110-01-L-D-SM-K SHF-110-01-L-D-SM-K-TR Samtec Connector Header 20 Position 0.0000
SHF-110-01-L-D-SM SHF-110-01-L-D-SM Samtec Connector Header 20 Position 0.0000
SHF-110-01-L-D-TH SHF-110-01-L-D-TH Samtec Connector Header 20 Position 0.0000
TSM-103-01-L-SV TSM-103-01-L-SV Samtec Connector Unshrouded Header 3 Position 0.0000
TSM-103-01-L-SV-TR TSM-103-01-L-SV-TR Samtec Connector Unshrouded Header 3 Position 0.0000
FTSH-102-02-F-DH FTSH-102-02-F-DH Samtec Connector Header 4 position 0.0000
FTSH-104-02-L-DH FTSH-104-02-L-DH Samtec Terminal Strip 8 position 0.0000
RSP-122811-01 RSP-122811-01 Samtec RF Connector SMD 0.0000
ZW-08-11-G-D-200-200 ZW-08-11-G-D-605-200 Samtec Connectors 16 Position 0.0000
ZW-08-11-G-D-500-250 ZW-08-11-G-D-500-250 Samtec Connectors 16 Position 0.0000
CLM-106-02-F-D-K-TR CLM-106-02-F-D-K-TR Samtec Connector Receptacle 12pos 0.0000
FFSD-13-01-N FFSD-13-01-N Samtec IDC Ribbon Cable Assembly 26 Position 0.0000
FFSD-13-D-03.00-01-N FFSD-13-D-03.00-01-N Samtec IDC Ribbon Cable Assembly 26 Position 0.0000
FFSD-10-D-02.00-01-N FFSD-10-D-02.00-01-N Samtec IDC Ribbon Cable Assembly 20 Position 0.0000
FFSD-11-D-05.00-01-N FFSD-11-D-05.00-01-N Samtec IDC Ribbon Cable Assembly 22 Position 0.0000
FTSH-125-01-L-DV-EJK FTSH-125-01-L-DV-EJ-K Samtec Connector Header 50 Position 0.0000
SMA-J-P-H-ST-EM3 SMA-J-P-H-ST-EM3 Samtec Connector SMA Jack 50-ohm 20GHz 0.0000
SMA-J-P-H-ST-MT1 SMA-J-P-H-ST-MT1 Samtec Connector SMA Jack 50-ohm 6GHz 0.0000
PTT-110-01-L-D PTT-110-01-L-D Samtec Connector Terminal Strip 20 position 0.0000
HCSD-17-D-08.00-01-N HCSD-17-D-08.00-01-N Samtec IDC Cable Ribbon Cable Assembly 34 Position 0.0000
SSW-106-01-F-S SSW-106-01-F-S Samtec Connector Socket Strip 6 Position 0.0000
SSW-119-01-T-S SSW-119-01-T-S Samtec Connector Socket Strip 19 Position 0.0000
TSW-108-07-F-S TSW-108-07-F-S Samtec Connector PCB Header Strip 8 position 0.0000
TSW-110-07-F-S TSW-110-07-F-S Samtec Connector Header 10 position 0.0000
TSW-118-07-F-D TSW-118-07-F-D Samtec Connector PCB Header Strip 36 position 0.0000
IC-320-SGT ICO-320-SGT Samtec Connector DIP Socket 20 Position 0.0000
ICO-324-SGT ICO-324-SGT Samtec Connector DIP Socket 24 Postion 0.0000
TSS-108-02-G-D TSS-108-02-G-D Samtec Connector Header 16 Position 0.0000
TSS-105-02-G-D TSS-105-02-G-D Samtec Connector Header 10 Position 0.0000
TSS-103-02-G-D TSS-103-02-G-D Samtec Connector Header 10 Position 0.0000
ESQ-114-12-G-S ESQ-114-12-G-S Samtec Socket Connector 14 Position 0.0000
ESQ-132-12-S-D ESQ-132-12-S-D Samtec Socket Connector Elevated Strip 64 Position 0.0000
SFML-110-02-L-D-A SFML-110-02-L-D-A Samtec Receptacle Connector 20 Position 0.0000
HTSW-108-07-G-D HTSW-108-07-G-D Samtec Connector Unshrouded Header 16 Position 0.0000
ERF5-070-05.0-L-DV-K ERF5-070-05.0-L-DV-K-TR Samtec Mezzanine Connector Socket Strip 140 Position 0.0000
TFM-107-02-L-D-WT-K TFM-107-02-L-D-WT-K-TR Samtec Connector Header 14 Position 0.0000
SSW-106-01-G-D-LL SSW-106-01-G-D-LL Samtec Connector Receptacle 12 Position 0.0000
LSHM13002.5LDVASKTR LSHM-130-02.5-L-DV-A-S-K-TR Samtec Connector Socket Strip 60 Position 0.0000
TSW-106-07-F-S TSW-106-07-F-S Samtec Connector Header 6 Position 0.0000
ERM8-050-05.0-S-DV-K ERM8-050-05.0-S-DV-K-TR Samtec Connector Header 100 Position 0.0000
TFM-120-02-L-D TFM-120-02-L-D Samtec Connector Shrouded Header 40 Position 0.0000
LSHM-130-02.5-L-DV-A-S-TR LSHM-130-02.5-L-DV-A-S-TR Samtec Connector Socket Strip 60 Position 0.0000
LSHM-130-02.5-L-DV-A-N-K-TR LSHM-130-02.5-L-DV-A-N-K-TR Samtec Connector Socket Strip 60 Position 0.0000
LSHM-130-02.5-L-DV-A-S-K-FR LSHM-130-02.5-L-DV-A-S-K-FR Samtec Connector Socket Strip 60 Position 0.0000
ERF8-040-01-LDRALTR ERF8-040-01-L-D-RA-L-TR Samtec Connector 80 Position Socket Strip 0.0000
ERM8-040-05.0-LDVLTR ERM8-040-05.0-L-DV-L-TR Samtec Connector Terminal Strip 80 Position 0.0000
QSS-050-01-LDRAWTMTI QSS-050-01-L-D-RA-WT-MTI Samtec Connector 100 Position Socket Strip 0.0000
QSS-050-01-L-D-RA-WT QSS-050-01-L-D-RA-WT Samtec Connector 100 Position Socket Strip 0.0000
MTMM-108-07-L-D-360 MTMM-108-07-L-D-360 Samtec Connector Unshrouded Header 16 Position 0.0000
MTMM-104-07-L-D-360 MTMM-104-07-L-D-360 Samtec Connector Unshrouded Header 8 Position 0.0000
MTMM-105-07-L-S-360 MTMM-105-07-L-S-360 Samtec Connector Unshrouded Header 5 Position 0.0000
TSW-118-07-L-D TSW-118-07-L-D Samtec Connector Header Strip 36 Position 0.0000
SSW-102-02-T-S-RA SSW-102-02-T-S-RA Samtec Socket Strip Connector Receptacle 2 Position 0.0000
ERM8-025-09.0-L-DVTR ERM8-025-09.0-L-DV-TR Samtec Mezzanine Connector 50 Position 0.0000
ICA-624-WGG ICA-624-WGG Samtec Connector DIP Socket 24 Position 0.0000
HTSW-102-08-G-D HTSW-102-08-G-D Samtec Connector Header Strip 4 Postion 0.0000
TSM-115-01-L-DV-P-TR TSM-115-01-L-DV-P-TR Samtec Connector Pin Header 30 Position 0.0000
TSW-102-07-G-T TSW-102-07-G-T Samtec Connector Unshrouded Header 6 Position 0.0000
HTSW-102-05-G-S HTSW-102-05-G-S Samtec Connector Unshrouded Pin Header 2 Position 0.0000
TFM-110-02-S-D-K-TR TFM-110-02-S-D-K-TR Samtec Connector Shrouded Header 20 Position 0.0000
HTSW-108-05-G-S HTSW-108-05-G-S Samtec Connector Pin Header 8 Position 0.0000
QTH-030-02-L-D-A QTH-030-02-L-D-A Samtec Mezzanine Connector Header 60 Position 0.0000
ASP-169515-01 ASP-169515-01 Samtec Connector 17 Position 0.0000
TSW-112-07-F-D TSW-112-07-F-D Samtec Connector Unshrouded Header 24 Position 0.0000
MTSW-105-22-T-D-410 MTSW-105-22-T-D-410 Samtec Connector Pin Header 10 Positions 0.0000
CLP-120-02-L-D CLP-120-02-L-D Samtec Connector Socket Strip 40 Position 0.0000
HSEC8-130-01-LDVAKTR HSEC8-130-01-L-DV-A-K-TR Samtec Connector Socket 60 Position 0.0000
MTSW-102-08-T-S-335 MTSW-102-08-T-S-335 Samtec Connector Header 2 position 0.0000
MTSW-108-08-T-S-335 MTSW-108-08-T-S-335 Samtec Connector Header 8 Position 0.0000
HSEC8-160-01-LDVAKTR HSEC8-160-01-L-DV-A-K-TR Samtec Connector Card Edge Socket 120 Position 0.0000
SS4-10-3.50-L-D-K-TR SS4-10-3.50-L-D-K-TR Samtec Connector Socket 20 Position 0.0000
TSM-103-01-L-DV-003 TSM-103-01-L-DV-003-P-TR Samtec Terminal Strip Pin Header 6 Position 0.0000
TFM-120-02-L-D-K-TR TFM-120-02-L-D-K-TR Samtec Connector Shrouded Header 40 Position 0.0000
HSEC8-130-01-SDVAKTR HSEC8-130-01-S-DV-A-K-TR Samtec Card Edge Connector Socket 60 Position 0.0000
SSW-120-02-G-D SSW-120-02-G-D Samtec Connector Socket Strip 40 Postion 0.0000
SEAF-30-05.0S082AKTR SEAF-30-05.0-S-08-2-AK-TR Samtec Array Socket Connector 240 Postion 0.0000
HTSW-102-07-T-S HTSW-102-07-T-S Samtec Connector Header 2 position 0.0000
MPT-04-6.30-01-L-V MPT-04-6.30-01-L-V Samtec Power to the Board 5.00 mm PowerStrip/30 A Dual Blade Terminal Strip 0.0000
ERM8-020-05.0-SDVKTR ERM8-020-05.0-S-DV-K-TR Samtec Connector Socket Strip 40 Position 0.0000
MCX-J-P-H-ST-SM1 MCX-J-P-H-ST-SM1 Samtec RF Coaxial Connector 50 Ohm Jack 0.0000
TLE-104-01-G-DV-AKTR TLE-104-01-G-DV-A-K-TR Samtec Connector Socket Strip 8 Position 0.0000
TLE-108-01-G-DV-AKTR TLE-108-01-G-DV-AK-TR Samtec Connector Socket Strip 16 Position 0.0000
TMM-105-01-T-D-SM TMM-105-01-T-D-SM Samtec Connector Unshrouded Header 10 Position 0.0000
ESQ-120-34-T-D ESQ-120-34-T-D Samtec Connector Elevated Socket 40 Postion 0.0000
TMM-105-01-T-D-SM-A TMM-105-01-T-D-SM-A Samtec Connector Header 10 Position 0.0000
SEAM-40-09.0L102AKTR SEAM-40-09.0-L-10-2-A-K-TR Samtec Connector High Density Array 400 Position SMD 0.0000
STMM-105-02-F-DSMKTR STMM-105-02-FD-SM-K-TR Samtec Connector Header 10 Position 0.0000
TLE-105-01-G-DV-AKTR TLE-105-01-G-DV-A-K-TR Samtec Connector Socket Strip 10 Position 0.0000
FTSH-110-01-L-DV-PTR FTSH-110-01-L-DV-P-TR Samtec Micro Terminal 20 Position 0.0000
BAR-J-22 BAR-J-22 Samtec PCB Connector Test Point 22 Postion 0.0000
HTSW-102-07-G-S HTSW-102-07-G-S Samtec Connector Pin Header 2 Position 0.0000
CC79R-2630-01-L CC79R-2630-01-L Samtec Crimp Terminal 26-30AWG 0.0000
MMT-103-01-TM-SH MMT-103-01-TM-SH Samtec Connector Pin Header 3 Position 0.0000
MTMM-125-03-G-Q-180 MTMM-125-03-G-Q-180 Samtec Connector Pin Header 100 Position 0.0000
CES-103-01-L-S CES-103-01-L-S Samtec Connector Socket Strip 3 Position 0.0000
CES-108-01-L-S CES-108-01-L-S Samtec Connector Socket Strip 8 Position 0.0000
SFM-105-02-S-DH-TR SFM-105-02-S-DH-TR Samtec Connector Socket Strip 10 Position 0.0000
MTSW-103-09-G-D-500 MTSW-103-09-G-D-500 Samtec Connector Pin Header 6 Position 0.0000
MTSW-103-09-G-D-530 MTSW-103-09-G-D-530 Samtec Connector Pin Header 6 Position 0.0000
MTSW-103-09-G-S-540 MTSW-103-09-G-S-540 Samtec Connector Pin Header 3 Position 0.0000
SSW-111-01-T-D SSW-111-01-T-D Samtec Mezzanine Connector PCB Receptacle 22 Position 0.0000
TSW-103-08-G-D TSW-103-08-G-D Samtec Connector Pin Header 6 Position 0.0000
MPT-02-6.30-01-L-V MPT-02-6.30-01-L-V Samtec Connector PowerStrip Terminal Strip 2 Position 0.0000