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Sanyo Denki America

sanyo denki

Sanyo Denki America, a leader in advanced technologies with the highest performance and quality ratings, is your ultimate source for Cooling Systems (AC/DC Fans, Blowers and CPU Coolers).

Sanyo Denki has been in business since 1927 and is publically traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The Cooling System Division develops, manufactures, and promotes a full line of cooling fans to meet the demands of our technologically advancing customers. As a world leader in thermal technology, they continue to introduce state of the art products to meet increasing demand for less power, more air flow, and reduced noise. Sanyo Denki’s utmost concern is quality, reliability, top performance, and on-going development of products that meet high standards for protecting the global environment.

Sanyo Denki has been exceeding the ever-demanding business requirements of customers all over the world by providing the highest reliability and the proven top performance. In the 21st Century, Sanyo Denki continues to thrive as the leader in the industry with commitment to total customer satisfaction and the success of their business partners.