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SongChuan – Mechanical Components

SongChuan logo
Song Chuan was founded in 1974 and began producing specialized electromechanical power relays. The group company headquarters and corporate management are located in Taiwan and is responsible for research and development, new products, photo-type and pilot production, designing and assembling production equipment and tooling, material procurement, load testing, purchasing & logistics, corporate finance & administration, sales & marketing, technical assistance and coordination for global customers and services.

Song Chuan has earned and maintained an excellent reputation for more than 35 years. This long history of producing and concentrating on relays has given Song Chuan the necessary experience to produce top quality dependable relays at affordable pricing.

products include:
-PCB and plug-in automotive relays
-PCB miniature power relays
-Industrial and general purpose relays
-Safety and low signal relays

All Song Chuan relays are “Green” i.e. lead free, after November 2005. Most Song Chuan general purpose relays and signal relays are UL and CSA approved.