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SWCC Showa Holdings

SWCC Showa Holdings Co., Ltd. is holding company that operates in six business segments. The Electrical Wire Rod segment manufactures and sells bare wires, bus lines, gum and plastic coated wires. The Electricity System segment manufactures power cables and equipment, as well as engages in the design and contract of power work. The Winding Wire segment manufactures and sells winding wires. The Communication System segment manufactures and sells fiber cables and communication cables, as well as engages in communication works and the design and contract work of network solution systems. The Device segment manufactures and sells wiring harness, seismic isolation, damping, noise damper device, copiers, printers, printing machine for device, among others.

The SWCC’s management plan consists of three key points, one is to generate profit by expanding the overseas operation in China and Southeast Asia, the second point is to reinforce the operating base within Japan, and the third point is to step up on the development of eco-friendly products that are earth-conscious and will contribute to the Smart City Projects that aim to achieve reassurance / safety and comfort.

Using its core technology, the SWCC Group manufacturers high quality products such as oxygen-free copper, rectangular wires (magnet wires ), high voltage cable, SICONEX for electric appliances, optical fiber, fine coaxial cables, seismic isolators, wire harnesses, heat rollers and copper silver alloy. The companies are active in the fields of energy systems, information and communication systems, lifestyle and environment, and have proven track records of much achievement and innovation.

Within the project of “Smart City” on which world’s attention is being paid, we are confident that the products and the technologies of the SWCC Group of companies can be put to use in a variety of fields, such as the field of system power supply where ongoing efforts are being made in power grid improvement, the field of distributed power supply where interest in solar and wind power generation has been increasing, the field of Factory Energy Management System (FEMS) which improves energy efficiency, the field of railway and automotive, and the field of housing, offices, schools and hospitals.

SWCC shall continue in their efforts to earn the confidence of their stakeholders and customers, strive to create a future with hope, and ensure world credibility, based on our management philosophy of “Trust”.

Products :

Magnet wire
Magnet wire

Oxygen-free copper
Oxygen-free copper

Electric power accessories "SICONEX"

Compact and environmental accessories for high voltage power cable introducing our innovative insulation technology.

insulated power cable
XLPE insulated power cable

Power cable insulated by crosslinked polyethylene

Submarine Cable
Submarine Cable

Submarine XLPE cable up to 500kV

Overhead Cable
Overhead Cable

Overhead transmission line (ACFR, etc.)

Power cables with electromagnetic shielding
Power cables with electromagnetic shielding

Power cables with electromagnetic shielding

Fire extinguishing cables
Fire extinguishing cables

Super conducting current lead
Super conducting current lead

Used for energization and connection of superconducting system

X-ray cable
X-ray cable

Used for X-rays,electron beams,

and lasers equipment field.

Water-cooled cable
Water-cooled cable

Used for the melting induction furnace,melting arc furnace

and electroslag remelting furnace etc.

Products Categories

  • Magnet wire
  • Oxygen-free copper
  • Electric power accessories "SICONEX"
  • XLPE insulated power cable
  • Power cables with electromagnetic shielding
  • Fire extinguishing cables
  • Super conducting current lead
  • X-ray cable






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