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IBS Electronics has been a distributor of high quality switch products for over 30 years. Our many product lines provide switching solutions for a wide array of OEM products globally and our known to be cost effective and provide consistent reliable performance.

IBS Electronics has developed relationships with several key manufactures in the industry becoming their franchised distributors. Some of these manufacturers include Diptronics, Amtek, Omron and Stern Switches.

Our franchised lines our unique and cover a variety of switching needs. They include products using cutting edge technology for weather protection and anti-vandal features and parts that are crossed to create cost reductions and shorter lead times.

These items can be found at our IBS Store or by selecting one of the manufacturers below for Product Information and Request for Quote.

Diptronics manufacturing Inc., established in 1985, specializes in producing and developing Dip switches, Tactile switches, and other precision switches, such as Slide switches, Detection switches, Push & Lever switches and Rotary switches. By virtue of Diptronics’ continuously accumulated innovation, developed technique, and marketing experience, Diptronics persist in providing our customers with reliable quality, flexible lead time, professional technique support and customer-oriented service. Diptronics supports customized production, various designs, and in time delivery with vertical integration.

In the 25 years since its establishment, Amtek has evolved into a leading worldwide professional manufacturer of various switches. Their switches are furnished in a wide variety of styles and configurations to suit any design requirements. In addition to standard switches, custom-built switches can be designed, developed and manufactured to meet your individual requirements. Their experienced Research and Development teams are continuously dedicated to product design and development, which enables us to respond most flexibly to your particular desires at low cost.

Amtek’s line of Switches include: Tact Switches, DIP Switches, Push Button Switches, Rocker& Custom Switches.

Omrons Switch lineup includes a wide variety, such as switches for micro-power detection and switches in the smallest class in the world. Products Include: Basic Switches ,Detection SwitchesDoor Switches/Power SwitchesLimit Switches Safety Switches Tactile SwitchesRocker SwitchesPushbutton Switches/IndicatorsToggle/Pushbutton SwitchesDIP Switches Thumbwheel Switches

Stern manufactures Piezo based products designed for industrial control panels such as keypads and keyboards as well as industrial switches that are needed in a severe environmentStern develops and manufactures a high-tech product line with clean designs and durability.As a piezo manufacturer with industrial needs in mind, Stern’s products are durable and long lasting. Stern is guided by the need of its Piezo products to be water and weather proof in order to fit in outdoor projects, as well designed and practical to use.

Their product line includes:

  • Piezo switch
  • Touch Free Switch
  • Piezo Keyboards
  • Customized Switch

In addition to our franchise lines we actively stock and order parts from the following manufacturers:


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