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Alpha Taiwan
Taiwan Alpha Electronic Co., was founded in 1970 as the first potentiometer manufacturer in Taiwan. With the insistence of management concept ” Quality, Responsibility , and Service ” Taiwan Alpha has successfully expanded and grown to become one of the top 5 manufacturers .

Taiwan Alpha Electronic Co., Ltd. manufactures and markets potentiometers, switches, and encoders. The Company’s products are mainly used for electronic appliances, computer multi-media, and audio equipment. Building on the core values of “Quality, Responsibility, and Service” since their foundation in 1970, Taiwan Alpha specializes in comprehensive electronic components and highly customizable sensor solutions. Taiwan Alpha offers a wide scope of technological expertise ranging in rigid, flexible, and hybrid electronics.

Taiwan Alpha is an industry-leading manufacturer of potentiometers, switches and sensors that are staple components in a wide range of electrical and control equipment. Today Taiwan Alpha’s highly customisable, flexible sensor solutions are to be found in robotics technologies as well as growth applications such as wearable tech and health and fitness.


>Control Potentiometers
>Slide Potentiometers

>Foot Switches
>Keyboard Switches
>Rotary Switches
>Slide Switches

>Force Sensors
>Industrial Sensors
>Position Sensors