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Triad Magnetics

Triad Magnetics offers solutions for power conversion, common-mode filtering/smoothing, energy storage, control circuits, lighting, isolation, medical applications and more. Triad products include audio, current sensing and power transformers, toroidal inductors, and wall plug-in and open frame power supplies. The Triad Magnetics system of in-process inspection, pre-ship audits, and failure analysis has allowed many of customers to eliminate their incoming inspection process, while the company’s continuous improvement protocol provides the highest levels of product quality and reliability.

Triad Magnetics offers a broad product line of Transformers, Inductors, Chokes, Wall Plug-Ins and Open\Close\Encapsulated Switching Power Supplies. Triad specializes in custom magnetic solutions for industrial, commercial and consumer applications. Custom products can be designed to meet the specs of your project and are guaranteed maximum function and cost efficiency.

You can find current transformers, power transformers, instrument transformers, electrical transformers, boost converters, toroidal inductors, and more. Triad products meet a range of internationally-recognized quality and performance standards: UL Insulation System Classes B through R; FCC Part 68; ISO9001-2000; CSA, TUV, VDE, CE, IEC, RoHS and Mil-T-27E.