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Weller / Apex Tool Group

Weller is a leading provider of soldering tools, and is a respected leader in the industry. They have been providing quality soldering solutions to clients in the industrial sector for many years.

Weller’s range of equipment includes soldering stations, tools and production supplies, air management solutions and much more. All of these solutions are built to the highest standards to ensure they can be used by professionals in even the toughest environments.

Weller – Carl Weller started the Weller Electric Co. in Easton, PA in 1945 with the invention of the soldering gun. He was looking for a way to service the rapidly growing radio repair market. That invention was followed by the first soldering iron in 1950, followed by the first temperature controlled soldering iron in 1976.

Weller expanded into Europe in 1959. Throughout it’s history, Weller has continually developed forward looking products for the consumer and industrial markets.

Weller’s commitment to technology is evidenced by the seven person R&D team, with numerous patents and awards to their credit.

Weller acquired by Cooper in 1970. Apex Tool Group is an American supplier of hand tools and power tools. It was formed as a joint venture of Cooper Industries and Danaher by the merger of Cooper Tools and Danaher’s Tools and Components segment. Weller is a brand of Apex Tool Group.