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Wire & Tubing

IBS Electronics provides wire, cable, and tubing products for a broad range of applications and markets. Our excellent knowledge and customer service helps to provide customers solutions to critical production and manufacturing challenges. We are known for our wide range of high quality premium grade wire cable and tubing products.

IBS Electronics has developed relationships with several key manufactures in the industry becoming their franchised distributors. Some of these manufacturers include Alpha, Belden, Rubadue and General Cable.

These items can be found at our IBS Store or by selecting one of the manufacturers below for Product Information and Request for Quote.

Alpha Wire has engineered wire and cables that excel in taming tough applications. From the harsh environment of a factory floor, to critical controls on an offshore oil rig, cables, wire and tubing from Alpha Wire are working reliably day-in and day-out. They design and manufacture every cable to meet the critical demands of real-world applications. Using premium materials, advanced manufacturing, and world-class quality control, they manufacture every cable knowing its operation is critical to an application’s success.

Belden Wire & Cable produces and sells a comprehensive portfolio of connectivity and networking products into a variety of markets, including industrial, enterprise, and broadcast. Belden’s networking business is made up of intelligent wired and wireless products that include Industrial Ethernet switches and related equipment, fiber optic interfaces and media converters used to bridge fieldbus networks over long distances as well as load-moment indicators for mobile cranes and other load-bearing equipment. Belden sells its signal transmission products and solutions under the Belden brand name; under the Belden brands of GarrettCom, Hirschmann, Lumberg Automation, Poliron, Tofino Security and Miranda; and as products and solutions from the following Belden companies: Mohawk and West Penn Wire.

Rubadue Wire offers a full line of extruded wire and cable products in a wide variety of sizes and insulating materials. Whether you need hook up or lead wire, triple insulated wire, or custom multi-conductor cable, they proudly stand behind every one of their products.

General Cable is dedicated to the production of high-quality aluminum, copper and fiber optic wire and cable and systems solutions for the energy, construction, industrial, specialty and communications sectors. With a vast portfolio of products to meet thousands of diverse application requirements, they continue to invest in research and development in order to maintain and extend their technology leadership by developing new materials, designing new products, and creating new solutions to meet tomorrow’s market challenges.
Established by the Tokyo Electric Corporation (now Toshiba Corporation) in 1936.

Showa Electric Wire & Cable, design, manufacture, sell, and install the following items:

• Magnet Wire
• Oxygen-free copper
• Electric power accessories “SICONEX”
• XLPE insulated power cable
• power cables with electromagnetic shielding
• Fire extinguishing cables
• Super conducting current lead
• X-ray cable
• Water-Cooled Cable
• Heat roller
• Vibration control products
• Electronic wires & wire harnesses
• Seismic isolators
• Optical fibers
• Optical connector assemblies
• LAN cables
• Leakage coaxial cables

In addition to our franchise lines we actively stock and order parts from the following manufacturers:

Wire & Tubing

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