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XFMRS Corporation

XFMRS is a premier manufacturer of magnetic components, including transformers, inductors, chokes, and more. Xfmrs offers a wide range of magnetic products.

XFMRS, Inc. manufactures and supplies magnetic products. Its magnetic products include audio, chokes, converters, current, filament, fly back, inductor, hybrid, input, inverter, isolation, linear, output, pulse, power, rectifier, switching, voltage, impedance matching, and band and frequency products. The company also provides LAN, telecom, EMI suppression, combo, transformers, and chip products. The company serves telecommunications, LAN and WAN, industrial controls, monitor and display manufacturers, power applications, electronic ballast, computer and periphery applications, magnetic applications, photo device applications, power supply, automotive and security, consumer electronic products, and custom magnetic devices/assemblies markets.

XFMRS manufactures transformers, inductors, chokes, medical, custom, power, telecom, LANs, SMDs. XFMRS is singularly driven to provide magnetic components on a world wide basis at a world class level of service. XFMRS offers 100% on time delivery!