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Zeus Industrial Products, Inc

For close to 40 years, Zeus has been the supplier of choice for precision polymer extrusions. 

Zeus Tubing Products – Mechanical Components

Zeus manufactures custom and stock extruded tubing, heat shrinkable tubing, and other polymer products in a wide variety of sizes and types. Zeus specializes in the development and precision extrusion of advanced polymeric materials. Zeus’ tubing is preferred by companies in the medical, automotive, electrical, fluid handling, aerospace, and mechanical markets.

Zeus Industrial Products, Inc. is the world’s leading polymer extrusion manufacturer and material science innovator. Almost 50 years of experience in medical, aerospace, energy exploration, automotive, fiber optics and more allow us to leap past can’t and into how.
Zeus Industrial Products specializes in precision extrusions of PTFE, FEP, PEEK, PFA, ETFE, PVDF, bio-absorbable polymers and other engineered plastics. Zeus’ product line includes heat shrinks, PEEKshrink®, thin-walled Sub-Lite-Wall®, Aeos® ePTFE, insulated wire, drawn fiber, and multi-lumen tubing. Zeus also offers a full array of Optimized Tubing Solutions, including flaring, flanging, convolutes, engineered surface, pad printing, etching and more.


    Extruded Tubing
    • Custom Tubing Extrusions
    • Teflon Tubing
    • PTFE Extruded Tubing
    • Expanded PTFE (ePTFE)
    • FEP Extruded Tubing
    • PFA Extruded Tubing
    • ETFE Extruded Tubing
    • PEEK Extruded Tubing
    • Nylon, Pebax, Grilamid
    • Co-Extrusions
    • Multi-Lumen
    • Bump Tubing
    • Lay-Flat Tubing
    • Dual Tube
    • Spiral Cut Tubing
    • Convoluted Tubing
    • Standard Monofilament Sizes
    • Custom Profiles
    • Glass Filled Mandrels
Heat Shrinkable Tubing
  • Custom Heat Shrink Tubing
  • Teflon Heat Shrink Tubing
  • PTFE HS 2:1 Heat Shrink
    • AWG heat shrink
    • Fractional heat shrink
  • PTFE HS 4:1 Heat Shrink
  • FEP HS 1.3:1 Heat Shrink
    • AWG heat shrink
    • Fractional heat shrink
  • FEP HS 1.6:1 Heat Shrink
  • PTFE Sub-Lite-Wall Heat Shrink
  • Dual Shrink Tubing
  • Heat Shrinkable Roller Covers
  • PET Layflat Heat Shrink
Value-Added Services
  • Fillers
  • Bump Tubing/Draw Downs
  • Drilling
  • Etching
  • Flaring & Flanging
  • Retractable Coil Tubing
  • Heat Shrinking over Mandrels
  • Light-Product Assembly
  • Automated Assembly
  • Scoring, Slitting, & Skiving
  • Tipping
  • Striping
  • Heat Sealing
  • Cuffing
  • Product Analysis & Enhancement
  • Tube Bonding



Extruded Tubing:

Zeus Clear Tubes DistributorApplications ranging from precision minimally invasive medical devices to high performance aerospace sub-components are among the many markets that utilize Zeus extruded tubing.

Heat Shrink

Zeus Heat Shrink Components DistributorTypical applications using our heat shrink tubing are as diverse as component covering, water proofing, mechanical protection, strengthening, shock protection, abrasion protection, corrosion protection, encapsulation, insulation, dust proofing, sterilization, splicing, cable binding and tying, strain relief, marking, and coding.


Zeus Tubing Products Distributor Zeus monofilament is used in a wide range of applications requiring precision extrusion, high temperature resistance, and the ultimate lubricity properties.

Value-Added Services

Zeus Products and Components DistributorZeus has developed extensive experience in performing a variety of valued added services and operations that allow you to focus on your core processes.


Aerospace and Automotive

Aerospace companies are always pushing the limits in aviation. Zeus helps composite manufacturers improve efficiency in production by using our FEP Lay-Flat® Heat Shrink as a release aid. Automotive manufacturers rely on Zeus to create extruded custom profiles and heat shrink solutions while meeting industry quality requirements at a competitive price.


Whether for fiber optics to explore new machine designs, insulated wire for improved motor efficiency, or heat shrinks for wire splicing, Zeus has a diverse product portfolio that addresses the needs of the energy sector wherever those needs may be. Our products are robust enough for use in areas such as oil and gas exploration, semiconductors, wind energy, and many others.

Fiber Optics

Zeus coatings and polymer tubings are widely used in the fiber optic industry from the most sensitive environments to the harshest. Our furcation tubing protects fiber optics and fiber optic bundles from physical damage, while our thermally stable PEEK coating minimizes attenuation throughout a wide range of temperatures.

Fluid Management

Critical fluids management is a fundamental consideration for any machine operating or monitoring system. Zeus polymer tubing can meet the demands of high-pressure pneumatic and hydraulic lines, water monitoring, machine coolant systems, inert sampling and analysis applications, to fluid distribution systems. Zeus fluid management products help you to operate more safely, reliably, and efficiently.


With the growing popularity of minimally invasive medical procedures, Zeus has continued our track record of being at the forefront of this market. Since the creation of our first medical device component almost fifty years ago, we have expanded our revolutionary polymer product lines to address treatments in areas such as cardiovascular, gastrointestinal endoscopy (GI/ENDO), cardiac rhythm management and electrophysiology (CRM/EP), neurovascular, peripheral, structural heart, and other specialty medical needs. Our catheter components exhibit the utmost in biocompatibility and superior mechanical properties.

Zeus is committed not only to meeting but exceeding industry standards – ISO 9001:2008 and 13485; SEMI F57, USP Class VI, AS9100C, TS 16949, and others – ensuring the highest levels of quality control.


Zeus Catalog(English)

Zeus Catalog (Chinese)

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Part Number Product Name Qty Price (US$)  
WR1219 ZEUS TUBING 18AWG Natural LW Wall TFT-200-18 0.042ID PTFE 0 0.0000
WR1206 ZEUS Teflon WL 16 AWG Wire 0 0.0000
18914 18914 Zeus Heat Shrink Tubing 2:1 16AWG PTFE 0 0.0000
1EA16LW0 Zeus Industrial Products 1EA16LW0 Teflon (PTFE) Tubing 16 AWG Clear 0 0.4500
TFE-20-STANDARD Zeus TFE-20 Natural 20 AWG TFE Tubing 0 0.2000
TFS144TC02.500 Zeus TFS144TC02.500 Yellow Teflon Tubing (PTFE) 14 AWG 0 0.2500