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Zirui Connectors

ZiruiZirui Electronic Co., Ltd. (Zirui) has specialized in producing and developing connectors, housings, wiring harnesses, socket connectors, jacks and touched switches for over 10 years.

As a professional electromechanical manufacturer, Zirui provides Wire to Board Connector, Wire to Wire Connector, Terminals, Termianl Isolation, FFC/ FPC Connectors, DC Power Socket, DC smt Power Socket, 3.5 phone jack, 3.5 SMT Phone Jack, 2.5 SMT Phone Jack, Wiring harness, Tact switch, terminal board, terminal block, and much more.

Zirui Main Products: Terminal, connector, wiring harness, phone jack, terminal block, terminal board, power plug, connector housing, wafer, header, SMT connector, FPC connector, auto terminal, home appliance, din, pin header, DC Jacks, phone jack, pcb connector, and housing.

Zirui’s products are widely used in controlled switchboards, computers, duplicating machines, automobiles and household appliances. In addition, Zirui Electronic Co., Ltd. have obtained ISO9001, UL and CQC Certifications, which ensures high and stable quality for their products. Zirui’s terminals, flat cable connectors, wiring harnesses and jacks can be found not only in large corporations and assembly factories in China, but also in Europe, America and Southeast Asia.