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Mr. Metric / Mountz

Mr. Metric is the leading metric fastener specialist in the United States. Founded in 1980, Mr. Metric’s vast product line and inventory includes Metric socket hex head cap screws, Metric nuts, Metric machine screws, Metric washers, Metric threaded rod, Metric specialty items and much more.
Mr. Metric mainly serves the industrial marketplace with its fastener products. However, its customer base includes car and motorcycle enthusiasts, hobbyists of all types who find it near impossible to locate specialty metric fasteners.

Mr. Metric (a Mountz company) is the leading metric fastener specialist in North America. Well regarded as experts in metric, Mr. Metric is known for hard to find metric items at competitive prices.

Mr. Metric features a vast selection of fasteners and inventory. Mr. Metric has fastener experts on staff to answer any questions. Mr. Metric has an online store with a huge selection of metric fasteners. With metric screws, bolts, washers, and more, Mr. Metric is your one stop destination for metric fasteners. Choose the materials and sizes you need, and get high quality products at competitive prices with Mr. Metric.