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Automotive Electronic Components

car revolution countersAEC-Q100 and Q200 certificated parts are guaranteed enhanced levels of module and component survivability in automotive environments. As the automotive industry evolves, implementing next-generation technologies, the requirements for these certification standards will continue to grow.

Automakers must ensure their vehicles utilize electronic components that meet stringent quality standards and are compliant with the safety regulations of host countries or target markets. The AEC-Q200 qualification is the global standard for stress resistance that all passive electronic components must meet if they are intended for use within the automotive industry. AEC-Q100 is a failure mechanism-based stress test qualification for packaged integrated circuits used in automotive applications. This specification defines qualification requirements and procedures for packaged integrated circuits used in the automotive industry. An AEC-Q100-qualified device means that the device has passed the specified stress tests and guarantees a certain level of quality/reliability. Parts are deemed to be AEC-Q200 qualified if they have passed the stringent testing as outlined within the standards. The AEC-Q100 is defined by the Automotive Electronics Council as a “Stress Test for Qualification for Integrated Circuits.”

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