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Xilinx reVISION

Xilinx reVISION™ Enables Responsive and Reconfigurable Vision Systems

Exciting news for those of you developing vision-guided machine learning applications! Xilinx has just announced its reVISION™ stack. The reVISION stack enables a much broader set of software and systems engineers, with little or no hardware design expertise to develop intelligent vision guided systems easier and faster. You can now realize significant advantages when combining machine learning, computer vision, sensor fusion, and connectivity.

More Responsive than Typical SoCs & Embedded GPUs:

  • 6X better images/sec/Watt in machine learning
  • 42X higher frames/sec/Watt for computer vision processing
  • 1/5th the latency

Reconfigurable to the Latest Algorithms and Sensors:

  • Continue to upgrade to the latest machine learning algorithms
  • Support the latest sensor types and connectivity standards
  • Support up to 8K and custom resolutions