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NMB Technologies Corporation, a Minebea Group Company, designs and manufactures electro-mechanical components, including a wide range of AC Axial Cooling Fans, DC Axial Cooling Fans, DC Blowers and Motorized Impellers as well as small motors and lighting technology solutions. The NMB brand represents quality, accuracy, efficiency and performance. With over 100 million fans manufactured per year, NMB’s focus is on total thermal management solutions.

NMB Technologies Corp. Headquartered in Chatsworth, California, NMB Technologies Corporation was founded in September 1968 as the sales and marketing arm for its parent company, Minebea Co., Ltd. From the beginning, NMB has created strong partnerships with customers. This commitment to customers is demonstrated by making available local application engineers, knowledgeable direct sales, and partnering with world class distributors and local representatives who know their products and its quality inside out.