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BrightKing is principally engaged in the manufacture, processing and sale of circuit protection components. The Company’s main products portfolio consists of transient voltage suppressor (TVS), metal oxide varistor (MOV), gas discharge tube (GDT), electro static discharge (ESD), positive thermal coefficient devices (PTC), spark gap protectors (SPG), as well as thyristor surge suppressors (TSS), among others. Its products are applied in the mobile communication, network equipment, electricity meters, light emitting diode (LED) lights and others.

Established in Taiwan in 1996, BrightKing Electronics has grown more than 20% per year for the last decade while expanding its production capacity and product offering. In December 2014, BrightKing Electronics presented its IPO on the TWSE under symbol 6422. Recent new product offerings include high power TVS (SMEJ, HF and ATH series), resettable fuse PTC’s and ultra-low capacitance ESD.

Since 2001, BrightKing has been involved in the circuit protection industry, growing from a single-product supplier to a cutting-edge company that offers a full range of circuit protection components and solutions.

BrightKing aims to meet your ever-changing demands. It has invested heavily in research and development, manufacturing facilities and engineering expertise to provide you with leading-edge circuit protection components and design and testing capabilities.

BrightKing’s established global sales distribution helps it provide you with efficient technical support, solution consulting, fast and reliable sample delivery, prototype testing of our products and timely shipments. BrightKing sales distribution covers Asia, North and South America, Europe and Australia.

BrightKing products include MOV, TVS, GDT, SPG, PPTC, ESD,TSS. By combining these components delivers customized design that meets the safety requirements for many different applications.

BrightKing’s distinctive capabilities can provide a complete turnkey service for both small and large customers, from circuit design engineering to product testing and testing reports.

BrightKing is dedicated to electronic circuit protection research and development of state-of–the-art components, we looks forward to being your trusted and reliable partner.

    • ESD
    • ESD
    • TVS
    • TVS Products
    •  Because of its fast response time, transient power, low leakage current, breakdown voltage deviation, voltage clamp is easy to control, no damage limit, small volume etc.. Widely used in computer systems, communication equipment, AC / DC power supply, automotive, electronic ballast, household appliances, instruments and meters.
    • MOV 
    • MOV Products: MOV is a kind of voltage limiting protection device. By using the non-linear characteristic of the pressure sensitive resistance, when the over-voltage occurs in the voltage between the two electrodes, the voltage clamp can be clamped to a relatively fixed voltage value, so as to realize the protection of the circuit.
    • ESD 
    • ESD Products: ESD is formed since the middle of this century to study and attenuation of electrostatic, electrostatic discharge model, ESD effects such as current heat (sparks) effect (such as fire and explosion caused by static electricity) and electromagnetic effects (such as electromagnetic interference) and other disciplines. In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology...
    • GDT 
    • GDT Products Ceramic ceramic discharge tube is encapsulated inside by two or more band gap metal electrodes, filled with inert gas argon, neon, when added to the two extreme voltage electric to gas discharge tube gas breakdown when the gas discharge tube to discharge from high impedance into low impedance...
    • PTC
    • PTC Products: Self recovery fuse is an electronic overcurrent protection element, using organic polymer in high pressure, high temperature, curing conditions, mixed conductive particle material, after special processing and. The traditional fuse overcurrent protection, can only protect once, burn off the need to be replaced, and since the restoration of the fuse with a thermal protection, automatic recovery of dual function
    • SPG
    • SPG Products SPG activity of glass discharge is a protective device on a micro discharge gap between the electrode and the micro gap filled with stable and inert gas, and the use of glass shell and Dumet wire head sintering in high temperature and the formation of the seal
    • TSS 
    • TSS Products Semiconductor arrester is an overvoltage protection device, which uses the principle of thyristor tube, depending on the breakdown current of PN




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Product List

Part Number Product Name Source Qty  
511KD10 511KD10 BRIGHTKING Varistor 320VAC 25A Radial Brightking 0
511KD20J-P10TR 511KD20J Brightking Varistor 320V Disc 10mm Brightking 0
102KD25 102KD25 BrightKing Metal Oxide Varistor MOV 1KV 10% DISK Brightking 0
112KD25 112KD25 BrightKing Metal Oxide Varistor MOV 1100V 10% DISK Brightking 0
102KD25-C5 102KD25-C5 BrightKing Metal Oxide Varistor 1KV 10% DISK Brightking 0
SMBJ350A SMBJ350A Brightking TVS Diode 350V 600 W SMD SMB Brightking 0
MVR10D470K MVR10D470K Brightking Metal Oxide Varistor 47V 10% 10mm Disc Brightking 0
470KD10 470KD10 Brightking Varistor 47V 10mm Disc Brightking 0
471KD20J-P10 471KD20J-P10 Brightking Varistor 10000A 350J Radial Brightking 0
QBLP613-RIG QBLP613-RIG QT Brightek LED 3.1V Green, 2V Red 4-SMD Brightking 0
331KD07 331KD07 BrightKing Varistor 275V 37.8J Through Hole Brightking 0
331KD07-FTR 331KD07-FTR BrightKing Varistor 275V 37.8J Through Hole Brightking 0
BK60-090-DI BK60-090-DI Brightking PTC Resettable Fuse 60V 40A Radial Brightking 0
1L054ZW32E0CA206 1L054ZW32E0CA206 Brightek LED 5V 20mA 2 Pin Radial Brightking 0