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Burndy is a leading manufacturer of connectors, fittings, and tooling. Burndy also manufacturers TAP, Terminate, and Splice conductors. Among Burndy’s top buyers are a wide range of industries, including electrical utilities, commercial, residential, contract, maintenance, telecommunications, and even renewable energy market. With over 85 years in the market of designing and manufacturing electrical connectors, Burndy is an excellent choice for your connection needs.

Founded in 1924 New York by Dr. Bern Dibner, Burndy is currently headquartered in Manchester, New Hampshire and was family owned for many years. With a wide range of tooling capabilities, Burndy is an excellent choice for all connector needs and electrical connectors.


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Among Burndy’s most popular product offerings are the following:

  • Mechanical Connectors
  • Installation Tooling for battery, hydraulic, pneumatic, cable cutter, mechanical, LPHR, and tool tracking software.
  • Weldment Connectors for bus supports, couplers, terminals, and tee connectors.
  • Compression Connectors
  • IMPLO Technology, connectors of a small energy charge that is pre-wrapped around a metallic sleeve. Their IMPLO compression creates a permanent and high quality connection. Essentially, IMPLO products provide a stronger, more electrically efficient connection. Among their many benefits is the reduction of construction time, also eliminating project costs.
  • Grounding Products including mechanical, compression, exothermic, tooling and accessories.
  • Wiley Products including clamping solutions, wire management, WEEB washers, bonding jumpers, grounding lugs, and ace conduit entry box.
  • Wetjap Connectors
  • Accessories


  • Mechanical
  • Compression
  • Tooling
  • Accessories
  • Implo
  • Weldment
  • Wejtap
  • Burndy, Battery Tools
  • Burndy, Cable Ties
  • Burndy, Cable Ties
  • Burndy, Clamps - Dead Ending
  • Burndy, Coax Fitting
  • Burndy, Compounds & Sealants - Anti-Condensation,
  • Burndy, Connectors - Clamp Type (Electric)
  • Burndy, Connectors - Molded Rubber
  • Burndy, Connectors - Split Bolt
  • Burndy, Connectors - Telecommunications
  • Burndy, Connectors and Fittings - Substation
  • Burndy, Grounding - Clamps, Fittings & Rods
  • Burndy, Grounding - Clamps, Fittings & Rods
  • Burndy, Hydraulic Tools
  • Burndy, Lineman's Tools
  • Burndy, Lugs, Cable
  • Burndy, Portable Tools
  • Burndy, Terminations and Splices - 601 Volts and A
  • Cable - Grips
  • Cable Installation Equipment
  • Connectors
  • Hand Tools
  • Insulators and Hardware
  • Substations - High Voltage


• Portable generators
• Transportation (trains, people movers and large transport vehicles)
• Switchgear
• Wind turbines (Nacelle grounding)
• Substations (jumpers between equipment)
• Fence post grounding (grounds gate-post to gate)
• Power/equipment jumpers
• Preassembled leads with connectors already installed
Because many of the applications that are suitable for braid are unique, BURNDY can custom-engineer and design  Braid Assemblies to your specifications.

Burndy mechanical Tools:

  • Copper
  • Aluminum



Uninsulated Connectors for Aluminum Conductors (including Dual Rated Connectors) Burndy Mechanical Tooling Characteristics:

  • Insulated
  • Insulated Connectors for Aluminum Conductors (including Dual Rated Connectors)
  • Uninsulated
  • Uninsulated Connectors for Aluminum Conductors (including Dual Rated Connectors)



Burndy Mechanical Tooling Specifications:
  • Lay in QIKLUGS

    Dual Rated Lay in Lugs
  • Aluminium H-Tap connector

    H-Tap Connectors
  • Dual Rated Stacking Terminals

    Dual Rated Stacking Terminals
  • Dual Rated Terminal

    Dual Rated Unisulated Terminals
  • Grounding

    Uninsulated Water Pipe Grounding Clamps Water Pipe Ground Clamps (Dual Rated)
  • Hot Line Bails

    Hot Line Bails
  • Riser Tap

    Riser Taps
  • Splice 

    Uninsulated Splices
  • Split Bolts

    Dual Rated Uninsulated Split Bolts
  • Stacking Block

    Dual Rated Stacking Blocks
  • Substation

    Connectors for Substation Applications 

    Bolted - Cable or Tube to Bar , Bolted - Cable to Terminal , Bolted - T-Connector Cable to Cable , Bolted - T-Connector Cable to Tube , Bolted - T-Connector Tubing and Tubing
  • Transformer Lug Kit1

    Transformer Lug Kits
  • Transformer Lug Kit2

    Transformer Lug Kits


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Product List

Part Number Product Name MFG Qty  
YA272N Burndy YA272N Terminal Lug 2 Hole Type for 3/0 AWG Wire Burndy 171.00
SMS20M1TK6 SMS20M-1TK6 Burndy / Hubbell Terminal Lug Burndy 6,000.00
D12-23B43 Burndy D12-23B43 Dual Row Header 12 Position (2 x 6) Through Hole 0.1" Spacing Burndy 499.00
CT120400L BURNDY CT120400L Natural Unirap Nylon Cable Tie 4" Length Burndy 20,000.00
CT120400L00 CT120400L00 Burndy / FCI UV Black Nylon Cable Tie Length: 15" Burndy 19,450.00
CT175600Q Burndy CT175600Q Natural Nylon 6/6 Cable Tie 21" Long 0.35" Wide Burndy 5,000.00
CT175600Q00 CT175600Q00 Burndy / FCI UV Black Nylon Cable Tie 6/6 UNIRAP Cable Tie 175 LBS 21" L 0.35" W Mil Spec Burndy 9,999.00
CT18075C00 Burndy / FCI CT18075C00 Black Nylon Cable Ties 4" UNIRAP 18LBS MS3367-4-0 Burndy 20,000.00
CT30125C00 CT30125C00 FCI / Burndy UV Resistant Black Nylon Cable Tie 6" Burndy 8,950.00
CT50175MH10C Burndy / FCI CT50175MH10C Screw Mount Natural Nylon Cable Tie 8.5" Long Burndy 10,000.00
CT50300C00 Burndy CT50300C00 Black Nylon Cable Tie Weather Resistant Length: 11.76" Mil Spec : MS3367-7-0 Burndy 20,000.00
CT50400C00 Burndy CT50400C00 15.5IN Nylon Cable Tie Burndy 499.00
CTB125RA2C Burndy CTB125RA2C White Nylon Cable Tie Mounting Base 1.125" Square Burndy 9,964.00
107-103-1AM1 BURNDY 107-103-1AM1 Female DB-9 Connector Right Angle Through Hole Mount Burndy 711.00
YS25LBOX Burndy YS25LBOX Butt Splice Crimp for 1/0 AWG Wire Burndy 100.00
YA28LBOX Burndy YA28LBOX Copper Terminal Lug 4/0 AWG Burndy 3.00
SMS12P1 Souriau SMS12P1 Connector Housing 12 Pins 4 Rows Rectangular Burndy 1,722.00
YAV28LTC38FX45 Burndy YAV28LTC38FX45 Compression Lug for 4/0 wire 45 Degrees 3/8" Stud Size Burndy 0.00
YAV4C-L2TC14-FX Burndy YAV4C-L2TC14-FX Short Barrel Copper Lug 4 Flex 1/4" Burndy 0.00
YA6CL2TC14 BURNDY YA6CL-2TC14 Copper Compression Lug, 2 Hole with Inspection Window, 6 AWG, 1/4" Stud, 5/8" Stud Hole Spacing, Short Barrel, Tin Plated Burndy 0.00
YA6CLBOX BURNDY YA6CLBOX Copper Compression Lug, 1 Hole with Inspection Window, 6 AWG, 1/4" Stud, Short Barrel, Tin Plated Burndy 0.00
YA4CLBOX Burndy YA4CLBOX Compression Lug, Copper, 1 Hole 1/4", 4 AWG Burndy 0.00
KA25U Burndy KA25U Mechanical Lug, Aluminum, 1-Hole Burndy 0.00
YAV27L-TC38-FX-45 Burndy YAV27L-TC38-FX-45 Large Ring Lug Terminal CUHYDENT-3/0FLX-3/8-45DG RoHS Burndy 0.00
YA29L445 YA29L4 45 BURNDY Copper Compression Lug 250KCMIL 3/8 STUD 45 DEGREES Burndy 0.00
YA34LTC38FX YA34L-TC38-FX Burndy Copper Compression Lug, # 2 AWG, 1 Hole, 1/4" Stud Burndy 0.00
YAV2CLTC10FX YAV2CLTC10FX BURNDY Lug Hylug 1 Hole, #10 Stud, #2 AWG 1.50" Burndy 0.00
YA26-2L YA262L Burndy Compression Lug, Copper, 2-Hole 5/16 Stud Size", 2/0 AWG, Black Burndy 0.00
YA6CL1BOX YA6CL1BOX Burndy Lug, One Hole Conductor Short Barrel, #8 or #10 for 6 AWG Wire Burndy 0.00
YA4CL1BOX YA4CL1BOX Burndy Compression Lug, Copper, 1 Hole #10, Standard Barrel, 4 AWG Burndy 0.00
KA40U KA40U FCI Burndy Conn NEMA 1 POS Screw Cable Mount Burndy 0.00
YPC2A8U Burndy YPC2A8U H-Tap Connector, Wire Range: 6 to 4 AWG, Copper Burndy 0.00
KA34U KA34U Burndy 1 Conductor, Mechanical Lugs, Split, Aluminum Burndy 0.00
YAV35M12 YAV35M12 Burndy Copper Termination Lug Burndy 0.00
KA36U KA36U Burndy Mechanical 1 Conductor Lug Burndy 0.00
PAT81KFL5 PAT81KFL5 Burndy Crimpers Burndy 0.00
Y750HSXT Y750HSXT Burndy Hydraulic Hand Operated Crimping Tool Burndy 0.00
Y8MRB1 Y8MRB1 Burndy Hand-Held Full Cycle Ratchet Tool Burndy 0.00
PAT81KFTL5250V PAT81KFTL5250V Burndy Crimpers Burndy 0.00