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Cal-Chip Electronics

IBS-4 RFQCal-Chip Electronics is a leading manufacturer of high quality surface mounted devices. Cal-Chip Electronics manufactures capacitors that include ceramic capacitors, tantalum capacitors, and stacked PPS film capacitors; resistors, such as thick and thin film chip resistors, and thick film chip resistor arrays; inductors, such as multilayer chip inductors, high frequency multilayer chip inductors, molded chip wire wound inductors, miniature chip open-type inductors, and ferrite beads.

In addition, Cal-Chip also provides chip, RGB, side view, flash, and PLCC top LED products for various applications that include instrumentation, mobile devices, screen/display back lighting, gaming equipment, and signage and lighting systems.

Cal-Chip Electronics is an ideal solution for projects with high quality standards. Their commitment to quality excellence is upheld through the dedication of their employees. The allocation of Cal-Chip resources manufactures products without defects, ensuring cost management solutions for your project. Additionally, Cal-Chip uses conflict free materials, and has RoHs and REACH compliance. Cal-Chip’s mission is to supply all of our customers on time, every time and to the “Highest Quality Standards”.

IBS Electronics is your authorized Cal-Chip Electronics distributor. IBS Electronics has┬ádirect access to all of Cal-Chip Electronic’s full product line. Through our offices and warehouses in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, IBS Electronics provides the lowest prices and east shipping. Do you have a project that requires custom specifications? Our knowledgeable team can work with design engineers to develop a custom solution for you. With our vast catalog of electronic components, indirect materials, and multiple manufacturers, IBS Electronics is your one-stop solution for any production needs. Contact us today.


New! SMD Aluminum Electrolytics - ROHS Compliant

  • Amplifiers and Comparators
  • Analog to Digital Converters
  • Digital to Analog Converters
  • Embedded & DSP
  • MEMS and Sensors
  • CV Series (Miniaturized, Big Capacitance)
  • CV2 Series (Miniaturized)
  • CV3 Series (Big Capacitance)
  • CV5 Series (Big Capacitance)
  • CVS Series (Miniaturized, 105 C)
  • CVL Series (Long Life, 105 C, 6.0 mmL)
  • CVB Series (Bi-Polarized)
  • CVJ Series (Long Life, 105 C)
  • CVY Series (Low Impedance & ESR)
  • CVZ Series (Low Impedance & ESR, smaller size)


  • RM Series (Thick Film Chip Resistors)

Materials Declaration/RoHS Compliance for RM Series

  • Materials Declaration/RM20 Series
  • Materials Declaration/RM25 Series
  • RN Series (Thin Film Chip Resistors)
  • Taping Specifications (RM and RN Series)
  • CN Series (Thick Film Chip Resistor Arrays)


  • GMC Series (Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors)
  • GMC Series Materials Declaration
  • CHV Series (High Voltage Ceramic Chip Capacitors)
  • CHQ Series (Surface Mount Chip Capacitors - Ultra High Frequency)
  • CCHU Series (Stacked PPS Film Chip Capacitor (High Grade))
  • CCWU Series (Stacked PEN Film Chip Capacitor (Standard))
  • GACE Series (Surface Mount Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, 85"C) : Non-Lead Free
  • GACEX Series (Surface Mount aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors - Wide CV 105 C) : Non-Lead Free

Tantalum Capacitors

  • TC Series (Tantalum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors - Resin Molded Chip Type, Standard Type)
  • TC Series - LOW ESR (Tantalum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors - Resin Molded Chip Type, Standard Type - LOW ESR)


  • GLF Series (Multilayer Chip Inductors)
  • GHF Series (Multilayer Chip Inductors for High Frequency)
  • NL Series (Molded Chip Wirewound Inductors)

Ferrite Beads

  • FB Series (Multilayer Ferrite Chip Beads)

Now expanding their 25 years of SMD experience to the LED industry; Cal-Chip Electronics is able to guarantee quality product at a highly competitive price. Cal-Chip's wide array of discrete LEDs can accommodate applications ranging from PCB level designs for electronic equipment up to higher power, high flux designs for the general illumination market. Common applications served include, instrumentation, mobile devices, screen/display back lighting, gaming equipment, signage and lighting systems. Continually adapting to a constantly evolving market place, Cal-Chip is dedicated to supplying the most advanced LED technology for the most competitive price.
chip_led 1 CHIP LED's

  • 0603 CHIP LED Series
  • 0805 CHIP LED Series
  • 1206 CHIP LED Series
  • T1204 Right Angle CHIP LED Series

rgb ledsRGB LED's

  • S0606 LED RGB Series
  • S1204 LED RGB Series
  • S1210 LED RGB Series
  • S5350 LED RGB Series 

sideview led SIDEVIEW LED's

  • X3810 Sideview Series

flash led FLASH LED's

  • A5350 Flash Series


  • 3014 TOP LED Series
  • 3528 WHITE TOP LED Series
  • 3528 COLOR TOP LED Series
  • 3528 COLOR HIGH OUTPUT Series
  • 4014 TOP LED Series
  • 5630 TOP LED Series



Characteristics:(Ferrite Chip Beads)


Specifications:(Ferrite Chip Beads)

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Product List:

Part NumberProduct NameQtyPrice (US$) 
GMC10-X7R472K50GMC10X7R472K50 Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 4700pF 10% 50V X7R SMD 060356,0000.1000
RM12J272CTRM12J272CT Cal-Chip Thick Film Resistor 2.7k Ohms 0.25W 5% SMD 120620,0000.0850
RC32GF470JCal-Chip RC32GF470J Resistor 47 Ohms 1 Watt Axial2151.1400
RM04F0000CT-LFCal-Chip RM04F0000CT-LF Resistor 0OHM 1% SMD 0402 RoHS00.0000
GLF1608-6N8KCAL-CHIP GLF1608-6N8K Inductor 0.0068uH 10% SMD 06033,0000.2100
GMC04CG470F50NTLFGMC04CG470F50NT-LF Cal-Chip Capacitor 47 pF 1% 50V SMD 040250,0000.2200
GMC21-CG300J100NTCAL-CHIP GMC21CG300J100NT Ceramic Capacitor 30pF 100V 5% C0G SMD 080512,0000.0800
GMC32X5R107M10NT-LFGMC32X5R107M10NT-LF Cal-Chip Capacitor 100 uF 20% 10V X5R 121000.0000
GMC21XTR334K25NTLFCal-Chip GMC21X5R334K25NT-LF Ceramic Capacitor 0.33uF 25V 10% X5R SMD 08052,0000.0800
GMC10X7R225K16NT-LFCal-Chip GMC10X7R225K16NT-LF Capacitor 2 .2uF X7R 16V 10% 0603 RoHS4,0000.0000
RM04J000CT-LFCal-Chip RM04J000CT LF Resistor 0402 5% 0OHM00.0000
RM25F0000CT-LFCal-chip RM25F0000CT-LF Jumper Resistor 0 OHM 1% SMD 251200.0000
RM06J472CTLFCal-Chip RM06J472CT-LF Thick Film Resistor 4.7k Ohms 100mW 5% 0603 RoHS10,0000.0900
GMC31-.047-50VCAL-CHIP GMC31X7R473K50NT Capacitor X7R 0.047uF 50V SMD 12064,0000.1300
GMC04-CG120K50NTCAL-CHIP GMC04CG120K50NT CAPACITOR 0402 COG 12PF 10% 50V30,0000.0400
GMC10CG470J50CAL-CHIP GMC10CG470J50NT CAPACITOR 47PF 5% 50V COG 060340,0000.1000
RM04F3402CTRM04F3402CT Cal-Chip Thick Film Resistor 34k Ohms 0.0625W 1% SMD 040210,0000.0850
RM04J301CTRM04J301CT Cal-Chip Thick Film Resistor 300 Ohms 0.1W 5% SMD 060350,0000.0850
RM12J332CTCal-Chip RM12J332CT Thick Film Resistor 3.3k Ohms 1/4W 5% SMD 12065,0000.0850
SSL-0810-331MCal-Chip SSL-0810-331M Power Choke 330uH 0.7 Ohms 20% SMD 0801 RoHS1,2000.6000
GMC10CG680J50NT Cal-Chip Electronics GMC10CG680J50NT Capacitor Ceramic 68pf 50V 5% C0G SMD 060300.0850
GMC04CG100F50NTLF Cal-Chip Electronics GMC04CG100F50NT-LF CAPACITOR COG 10PF 1% 50V 040200.0000
GMC04CG5R6B50NTLFCal-Chip GMC04CG5R6B50NT-LF Ceramic CAPACITOR 5.6pF 50V COG 0402 RoHS40,0000.0900
GMC32X7R105K50NTCal-Chip GMC32X7R105K50NT Ceramic Capacitor 1uF 50V X7R 10% SMD 12102,0000.1500
GMC10-CG220J50NTCAL-CHIP GMC10CG220J50NT Ceramic Capacitor 22pF 5% 50V C0G SMD 060372,0000.1500
GMC21Y5V104Z25CAL-CHIP GMC21Y5V104Z25NT CAPACITOR Y5V 0.1UF 25V 20% SMD 0805140,0000.1200
GMC04X7R104K6R3NT-LFCal-Chip GMC04X7R104K6R3NT-LF Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF (100nF) 10% 6.3V X7R SMD 040200.0900
GMC10-X7R272K50NTCAL-CHIP GMC10X7R272K50NT Capacitor 2700pF 50V 10% X7R 060352,0000.1500
GMC21CG221J50NT-LFCal-Chip GMC21CG221J50NT-LF Ceramic Capacitor 220pF 50V 5% C0G SMD 08058,0000.0850
GMC21X7R224K16NTGMC21X7R224K16NT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uF 10% 16V 08058,0000.0900
GMC32CG223J50NTCal-Chip GMC32CG223J50NT Ceramic Capacitor 0.022uF 5% 50V C0G SMD 1210 RoHS00.2700
GMC10CG1R0B50NTLFGMC10CG1R0B50NTLF Cal-Chip Capacitor CER, 1PF, 50V, 0.1PF SMD 060300.0400
RM04F33R2CTRM04F33R2CT Cal-Chip Resistor 33.2 Ohms 1% SMD 040210,0000.0400
RM06J224CTRM06J224CT Cal-Chip Thick Film Resistor 220k Ohms 0.1W 5% SMD 0603110,0000.0850
RM10F8253CTCal-Chip RM10F8253CT Thick Film Resistor 825k Ohms 0.1W 1% SMD 080525,0000.0850
RM12F1212CTRM12F1212CT CAL-CHIP RESISTOR 1% 12.1KOHMS SMD 12062000.0600
RM12F2673CTCal-Chip RM12F2673CT Thick Film Resistor 267k Ohms 1% 1/4W SMD 12065,0000.2800
GMC32CG103G50NTCAL-CHIP GMC32CG103G50NT CAPACITOR .01UF 2% 50V 1210 COG00.5000
RM06J685CTRM06J685CT Cal-Chip Thick Film Resistor 6.8M Ohms 1/8W 5% SMD 0603199,9960.0850
RCR42G273JSCAL-CHIP RCR42G273JS Resistor 27k Ohm 2Watts 5% Axial281.6500
RM06J391CTRM06J391CT Cal-Chip Thick Film Resistor 390 Ohms 0.1W 5% SMD 060325,0000.0850
RM04F1270CTRM04F1270CT Cal-Chip Resistor 127 Ohms 0.0625W 1% 040210,0000.0850
RM12F1004CTCal-Chip RM12F1004CT Resistor 1 MOhms 1/4 Watt 1% SMD 12065,0000.1100
RM04F82R5CTRM04F82R5CT Cal-Chip Thick Film Resistor 82.5 Ohms 0.0625W 1% SMD 040220,0000.0850
RM10J105CTCal-Chip RM10J105CT Thick Film Resistor 1M Ohms 0.1W 5% SMD 080524,9940.0850
RM06J154CTRM06J154CT Cal-Chip Thick Film Resistor 150k Ohms 5% 1/8W SMD 060320,0000.0850
RM06J624CTCal-Chip RM06J624CT Thick Film Resistor 620k Ohms 0.1W 5% SMD 06034,7380.0850
GMC31X7R103K100NTMGMC31X7R103K100NT Cal-Chip Capacitor 0.01uF 100V 10% 12063,8500.1900
GMC31X7R224K50NTMCal-Chip GMC31X7R224K50NT Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uF 50V 10% X7R SMD 12061,6000.6800
GMC10-X7R223K25NTGMC10X7R223K25NT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 0.022uF 25V 10% SMD 060356,0000.0800
GMC04-X7R331K50NTCAL-CHIP GMC04X7R331K50NT CAPACITOR X7R 330PF 50V SMD 040250,0000.1000
GMC31X7R224K25NTGMC31X7R224K25NT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uF 25V 10% X7R SMD 120630,0000.0850
GMC10-X7R152K50NTGMC10X7R152K50NT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 1500pF 10% 50V X7R SMD 060320,0000.0850
GMC43-X7R224K50NEGMC43X7R224K50NT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 50V 10% X7R SMD 181216,0000.3000
RM10J106CTRM10J106CT Cal-Chip Thick Film Resistor 10M Ohms 1/8W 5% SMD 08059,8000.0500
GMC31X7R224J50NTCAL-CHIP GMC31X7R224J50NT Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uF 5% 50V X7R SMD 12064,0000.2500
GMC10CG102J50NTCAL-CHIP GMC10CG102J50NT Ceramic Capacitor 1000pF 5% 50V C0G SMD 06034,0000.0850
CHV1206N500V102KCBCal-Chip CHV1206N500V102KCB Ceramic Capacitor 1000pF 500V C0G SMD 12063,0000.0850
GMC31-CG681J100NTCal-Chip GMC31CG681J100NT Ceramic Capacitor 680pF 5% 100V C0G SMD 120600.7000
GMC10CG471J50NTCAL-CHIP GMC10CG471J50NT CAPACITOR 470PF, 50V, 5% C0G 0603 NPO ROHS00.0000
GMC04X7R104K16NTGMC04X7R104K16NT CAL-CHIP CAPACITOR X7R 0.1UF 16V 10% SMD 040200.0000
GMC10X7R105K16NTLFGMC10X7R105K16NT-LF CAL-CHIP CAPACITOR 1UF 16V X7R 10% SMD 060300.0500
GMC21X7R106K10NT-LFGMC21X7R106K10NT-LF CAL-CHIP Ceramic Capacitor 10uF 10V 10% SMD 080500.0000
GMC04X7R474K10NT-LFGMC04X7R474K10NTLF Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 0.47uF 10V SMD 040200.0000
GMC04X7R104K10NTLFGMC04X7R104K10NTLF Cal-Chip Capacitor 0.1uF 10V SMD 040200.0000
GMC10X7R182K50NTCAL-CHIP GMC10X7R182K50NT, Capacitor, Ceramic, 1.8nf, 50V, 10%, X7R00.0000
RM04F6491CTCal-Chip RM04F6491CT Thick Film Resistor 6.49k Ohms 1/16W 1% 04028,5000.0850
GMC04X5R105K10NTCal-Chip GMC04X5R105K10NT Ceramic Capacitor 1uF 10V 10% X5R SMD 040200.0850
rm04f1000ctRM04F1000CT Cal-Chip Thick Film Resistor 100 Ohms 1/8W 1% 04029,7500.0850
RM12F4642CTCal-Chip RM12F4642CT Thick Film Resistor 46.4kohm 1/4W 1% SMD 12065,0000.0850
RM12J000CTCal-Chip RM12J000CT Thick Film Resistor 0 Ohm 1/4W 5% SMD 12065,0000.0850
GMC21-X7R562J50NTCal-Chip GMC21X7R562J50NT Ceramic Capacitor 5600pF (0.0056uF) 5% 50V X7R SMD 08054,0000.1100
RM12J130CTRM12J130CT Cal-Chip Thick Film Resistor 13 Ohms 5% 1/4W SMD 120625,0000.0850
RM04F1300CTRM04F1300CT Cal-Chip Resistor 130 Ohms 1/10W 1% 040210,0000.0400
GMC10X7R474M16NTCAL-CHIP GMC10X7R474M16NT Capacitor 0.47UF 20% 16V X7R 060300.0000
GMC21X7R475K10NTCal-Chip Electronics GMC21X7R475K10NT CAPACITOR 4.7UF 10% 10V 0805 X7R ROHS1,0000.2500
GMC21X7R104K50NTCal-Chip Electronics GMC21X7R104K50NT Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 50V 10% X7R SMD 080500.0850
GMC31X7R106K16NTLFCal-Chip GMC31X7R106K16NT-LF Ceramic Capacitor 10uF 10% 16V 120600.1700
GMC04X5R104K25NTGMC04X5R104K25NT CAL-CHIP CAPACITOR 0.1UF, 25V, 10%, X5R00.0060
GMC04X5R474K10NTGMC04X5R474K10NT CAL-CHIP CAPACITOR 0.47UF, 10V, 10%, X5R00.0100
GMC04X5R683K25NTGMC04X5R683K25NT CAL-CHIP CAPACITOR 0.068UF, 25V, 10%, X5R SMD 040200.0200
GMC10X5R106K10NTGMC10X5R106K10NT CAL-CHIP CAPACITOR 10UF 10%, 10V, X5R SMD 060300.0550
GMC10X5R475M25NTGMC10X5R475M25NT CAL-CHIP CAPACITOR 4.7UF 20% 25V SMD 060300.0550
RM04F1004CTRM04F1004CT CAL-CHIP RESISTOR 1.00MOHM 1% SMD 040200.0000
RM04F1005CTRM04F1005CT CAL-CHIP RESISTOR 10 MOHMS 1% SMD 040200.0000
RM04F1804CTRM04F1804CT CAL-CHIP RESISTOR 1.80MOHMS 1% SMD 040200.0000
RM04F4993CTRM04F4993CT CAL-CHIP RESISTOR 499K OHMS 1% SMD 040200.0000
RM04F1133CTRM04F1133CT CAL-CHIP RESISTOR 113KOHMS 1% SMD 040200.0000
RM04F2002CTRM04F2002CT CAL-CHIP RESISTOR 20.0K OHMS 1% 0.0625W SMD 040200.0000
RM04F3163CTRM04F3163CT CAL-CHIP RESISTOR 316KOHMS 1% SMD 040200.0000
RM04F4992CTRM04F4992CT CAL-CHIP RESISTOR 49.9K OHMS 1% SMD 040200.0000
RM04F5492CTRM04F5492CT CAL-CHIP RESISTOR 54.9K OHMS 1% SMD 040200.0000
RM04F6982CTRM04F6982CT CAL-CHIP RESISTOR 69.8K OHMS 1% SMD 040200.0000
RM04F7152CTRM04F7152CT CAL-CHIP RESISTOR 71.5KOHMS 1% SMD 040200.0000
GMC04CG151K25NTGMC04CG151K25NT CAL-CHIP CAPACITOR 150PF 10% 25V SMD 040200.0000
GMC04CG200K25NTGMC04CG200K25NT CAL-CHIP CAPACITOR 25V 10%, 20PF SMD 0402 RoHS00.0000
GMC04CG220K25NTGMC04CG220K25NT CAL-CHIP Capacitor COG 22PF 25V 10% SMD 040200.0000
RM04F1002CTRM04F1002CT CAL-CHIP RESISTOR 10K OHMS 1% SMD 0402 RoHS00.0000
RM04F1212CTRM04F1212CT CAL-CHIP RESISTOR 12.1K OHMS 1% SMD 0402 RoHS00.0000
RM04F1501CTRM04F1501CT CAL-CHIP RESISTOR 1.50K OHMS 1% SMD 040200.0000
RM04F2001CTRM04F2001CT CAL-CHIP RESISTOR 2K OHMS 1% SMD 040200.0000
RM04F3011CTRM04F3011CT CAL-CHIP RESISTOR 3.01K OHMS 1% SMD 040200.0000
RM04F3920CTRM04F3920CT CAL-CHIP RESISTOR 392 OHMS 1% SMD 040200.0000
RM04F4531CTRM04F4531CT CAL-CHIP RESISTOR 4.53K OHM 1% SMD 040200.0000
RM04F4990CTRM04F4990CT CAL-CHIP RESISTOR 499 OHMS 1% SMD 040200.0000
GMC10Y5V104Z16CAL-CHIP GMC10Y5V104Z16NT Ceramic Capacitor 0.1UF 16V Y5V SMD 060320,0000.1000
GMC04X5R224K10NT-LFGMC04X5R224K10NT-LF CAL-CHIP CAPACITOR 0.22UF 10V 10% SMD 040200.0000
RM04F1001CTCAL-CHIP RM04F1001CT RESISTOR 1K OHM 1% 040200.0000
RM04F1003CTCal-Chip RM04F1003CT Resistor 100K Ohms 1% SMD 040200.0000
RM12F2001CTCal-Chip RM12F2001CT Resistor 2kOhms 1/4W 1% SMD 12064,6000.0850
GMC04X7R332K50NTGMC04X7R332K50NT CAL-CHIP CAPACITOR 3.3NF 10% 50V X7R RoHS00.2000
GMC10X7R334K16NTGMC10X7R334K16NT CAL-CHIP CAPACITOR 16V X7R 0.33uF SMD 0603 RoHS00.5000
GMC04X7R223J10NTGMC04X7R223J10NT CAL-CHIP CAPACITOR 0.022UF 5% 10V SMD 0402 RoHS00.0100
GMC04X7R224K10NTCAL-CHIP GMC04X7R224K10NT CAPACITOR .22UF 10% 10V X7R SMD 040200.0000
RM06J560CTRM06J560CT Cal-Chip Resistor 56 Ohms 1/8W 5% 060310,0000.0500
RM04F3161CTRM04F3161CT CAL-CHIP RESISTOR 3.16K OHM 1% 040210,0000.3900
RM04F4751CTRM04F4751CT Cal-Chip Thick Film Resistor 4.75k Ohms 0.1W 1% SMD 040220,0000.0850
CHV2220N2K0472KXCHV2220N2K0472KXT, CAL-CHIP CAPACITOR 4700PF 2KV SMD 222000.4000
GMC10X7R104K100NTGMC10X7R104K100NT CAL-CHIP CAPACITOR 0.1uF 100V 060300.0000
GMC21CG220J50NTGMC21CG220J50NT Cal-Chip Capacitor 22pF 50V 5% SMD 080500.0000
GMC10X7R182K16NTGMC10X7R182K16NT Cal-Chip Capacitor 1.8nF 50V 10% X7R 060300.2100
GMC21X7R221K25NTGMC21X7R221K25NT Cal-Chip Capacitor 220nF 25V 10% 080500.2100
GMC21X7R224K25NTGMC21X7R224K25NT Cal-Chip Electronics Capacitor 220nF 25V 10% X7R SMD 080500.2100
GMC31X7R154J50NTGMC31X7R154J50NT Cal-Chip Capacitor 0.15uF 50V X7R SMD 120600.0000
GMC04X7R473J16NTGMC04X7R473J16NT Cal-Chip Capacitor 0.047uF 25V 5% X7R SMD 040200.1000
RLR07C8201GSCAL-CHIP RLR07C8201GS Resistor, Metal Film;8.2 Kilohms1000.2200
GMC10X7R475K6R3NT-LFGMC10X7R475K6R3NT-LF Cal-Chip Capacitor 4.7UF 10% 6.3V SMD 060300.0000
GMC10X7R475K10NTGMC10X7R475K10NT Cal-Chip Capacitor 4.7uF 10V SMD 060300.0000
GMC31X7R226K10NTGMC31X7R226K10NT Cal-Chip Capacitor MMLC 10V 22uF SMD 120600.0000
CCC1210J271CTRM12J271CT CAL-CHIP Film Resistor 270 OHM 5% SMD 12104,0005.0100
CHV1206N500420JCTLFCHV1206N500420JCT-LF Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 42PF 500V 5% SMD 120600.1000
GMC32X7R106M16NTGMC32X7R106M16NT Cal-Chip CAPACITOR 10UF 20% 16V SMD 121000.0000
RM12F4991CTRM12F4991CT Cal-Chip Thick Film Resistor 4.99KOhm 200V 1% SMD 120600.0000
GMC04X7R105K10NTGMC04X7R105K10NT Cal-Chip Capacitor 1uF 10V 10% SMD 040200.0000
GMC04CG181F25NTGMC04CG181F25NT CAL-CHIP Capacitor 180PF 1% 25VDC COG SMD 040200.0000
GMC04X7R104K25NTGMC04X7R104K25NT CAL-CHIP Capacitor X7R 0.1uF 25V SMD 040200.0000
GMC10X7R105K25NTGMC10X7R105K25NT CAL-CHIP Capacitor 25V, X7R, 1uF 25V SMD 060300.0000
GMC10X7R225K10NTGMC10X7R225K10NT CAL-CHIP Capacitor X7R, 2.2uF 10V SMD 060300.0000
GMC21X7R105K50NTGMC21X7R105K50NT CAL-CHIP Capacitor X7R, 1uF 50V SMD 080500.0000
GMC21X7R106K16NTGMC21X7R106K16NT CAL-CHIP Capacitor X7R, 10uF 16V SMD 080500.0000
GMC31X7R106K25NTGMC31X7R106K25NT CAL-CHIP Capacitor X7R, 10uF 25V SMD 120600.0000
GMC32X7R226K25NTGMC32X7R226K25NT Cal-Chip Capacitor 22UF 10% 25V X7R SMD 121000.0000
GMC32X7R476M10NTGMC32X7R476M10NT Cal-Chip Capacitor 47uF 20% 10V X7R 121000.0000
RM12J682CTRM12J682CT CAL-CHIP FILM RESISTOR 6.8Kohm, 0.25W 5 % SMD 120600.0000
RM06F1000CT-LFRM06F1000CT-LF CAL-CHIP RESISTOR, THICK FILM, 100 OHM, 50V, 1%, SMD 060300.0000
CHV1206N500910JCTCHV1206N500910JCT CAL-CHIP Capacitor 910pF 500V 5% SMD 120600.0000
GMC10X7R105K6R3NTGMC10X7R105K6R3NT Cal-Chip Capacitor 1MF 6.3V SMD 06033,7500.0000
RM06F49R9CT-LFRM06F49R9CT-LF CAL-CHIP Resistor 49.9OHMS 1% 1/16W SMD 060300.0000
GMC10X7R104K50NT-LFGMC10X7R104K50NT-LF Cal-Chip Capacitor 0.1uF 50V X7R SMD 060300.0000
GMC43X7R104K100NTGMC43X7R104K100NT Cal-Chip Capacitor 0.1uF 100V SMD 181200.0000
GMC32X7R106K50NTGMC32X7R106K50NT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 10uF 50V 10% SMD 121000.0000
GMC10X7R106K50NTGMC10X7R106K50NT-LF Cal-Chip Capacitor 10uF 50V SMD 060300.1940
GMC04X7R104K10NTGMC04X7R104K10NT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 10V SMD 040200.0000
GMC31X7R104K50NTGMC31X7R104K50NT CAL-CHIP Capacitor, Ceramic 0.1uF 50V SMD 120600.0000
RM10J475CT-LFRM10J475CT-LF Cal-Chip Thick Film Resistor 47Ohm 150V 5% SMD 080500.0000
GMC21X7R225K10NTGMC21X7R225K10NT Cal-Chip Capacitor, Ceramic 2.2uF 10V SMD 080500.0000
GMC10X5R475K6R3NTGMC10X5R475K6R3NT Cal-Chip Capacitor MLCC 4.7uF 6.3V SMD 060300.0500
GMC10CG330J50NTGMC10CG330J50NT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 33pF 50V SMD 060300.0000
GMC21CG470J100NTGMC21CG470J100NT Cal-Chip Capacitor 0.00004uF 100V SMD 080500.0000
GMC10X7R104K25NTGMC10X7R104K25NT Cal-Chip Capacitor 0.1uF 50V SMD 060300.0000
GMC21X5R106K16NTGMC21X5R106K16NT Cal-Chip Capacitor MLC 10uF 16V SMD 0805100.0000
GMC04CG101F50NTGMC04CG101F50NT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 100PF 50V 1% SMD 040200.0000
GMC04CG150F50NT-LFGMC04CG150F50NT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 15PF 50V SMD 040200.0000
GMC04CG330F50NTGMC04CG330F50NT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor COG 33PF 50V 1% SMD 0402 RoHS00.0000
GMC04X7R105K16NT-LFGMC04X7R105K16NT-LF Cal-Chip Capacitor 1UF 16V SMD 040200.0000
GMC10X5R106M10NTGMC10X5R106M10NT Cal-Chip Capacitor 10UF 10V SMD 060300.0000
GMC10X5R226M6R3NTGMC10X5R226M6R3NT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 22uF 6.3V SMD 060300.0000
GMC10X7R104J50NTGMC10X7R104J50NT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 50V SMD 060300.0000
GMC32X5R107M6R3NTGMC32X5R107M6R3NT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 100uF 6.3V SMD 121000.0000
RM04J471CTRM04J471CT Cal-Chip Resistor 470 Ohm 5% SMD 040200.0000
GMC04X7R561J25NTGMC04X7R561J25NT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor Multilayer 0.00056uF 25V X7R SMD 040200.0000
CHV1206N500331JCTCHV1206N500331JCT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 330pF 500V SMD 120600.0000
GMC04X5R105K6R3NTGMC04X5R105K6R3NT Cal-Chip CERAMIC CAPACITOR 1uF 6.3V SMD 040200.0000
RN12B4121CTRN12B4121CT Cal-Chip Thin Film Resistor 4.12K Ohm SMD 120600.0000
RN12B4121CT1-25RN12B4121CT1-25 Cal-Chip Thin Film Resistor 4.12K Ohm SMD 120600.0000
GMC10X5R106M6R3NTGMC10X5R106M6R3NT Cal-Chip Capacitor 10uF 6.3V SMD 060300.0000
GMC21X7R105K16NTGMC21X7R105K16NT CAL-CHIP Capacitor 1uF 16V SMD 080500.0000
GMC32X7R475K50NTGMC32X7R475K50NT CAL-CHIP Capacitor 4.7uF 50V SMD 12102,0000.0000
GMC10X5R225K6R3NTGMC10X5R225K6R3NT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 2.2uF 6.3V SMD 060300.0000
CHV1206N500270JCTCHV1206N500270JCT Cal-Chip Capacitor 27PF 5% 500V SMD 120600.0000
GMC10X7R225K10NTLFGMC10X7R225K10NTLF CAL-CHIP Capacitor 2.2uF 10V SMD 060300.0000
GMC04CG220G100NTGMC04CG220G100NT Cal-Chip MLCC Capacitor 22pF 100V SMD 040200.0000
GMC04X7R563K16NTGMC04X7R563K16NT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 0.056uF 16V SMD 040210,0000.0000
GMC10CG4R7B50NTGMC10CG4R7B50NT Cal-Chip MLCC Capacitor 4.7pF 50V SMD 060300.0000
GMC04X7R105K16NTGMC04X7R105K16NT Cal-Chip Capacitor 1UF 16V SMD 040200.0000
GMC10CG121F100NTLFGMC10CG121F100NT Cal-Chip Capacitor 120PF 100V SMD 06034,0000.0000
GMC32X5R106M10NTGMC32X5R106M10NT Cal-Chip Capacitor 10uF 10V SMD 121000.0000
GMC10CG220G100NTGMC10CG220G100NT Cal-Chip Capacitor Ceramic 22pF 100V SMD 060312,0000.0000
GMC10CG4R7D25NTGMC10CG4R7D25NT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 0.0000047uF 25V SMD 06038,0000.0000
GMC10CG561F100NTGMC10CG561F100NTLF CAL-CHIP Ceramic Capacitor 0.00056uF 100V SMD 060300.0000
RM04J821CT-LFRM04J821CT-LF Cal-Chip Resistor 820 ohm SMD 040200.0000
RM04F4322CTRM04F4322CT Cal-Chip Thick Film Resistor 43.2K ohm SMD 040200.0000
RM04F5622CTRM04F5622CT CAL-CHIP RESISTOR 56.2kOHM SMD 040200.0000
RM06F10R0CTRM06F10R0CT Cal-Chip Thick Film Resistor 10 Ohm SMD 060300.0000
GMC10X7R334K50NTGMC10X7R334K50NT Cal-Chip Capacitor 0.33uF 50V SMD 060300.0000
GMC10CG330F100NTGMC10CG330F100NT-LF Cal-Chip Capacitor 33pF 100V SMD 060300.0000
GMC10CG390F100NTGMC04X7R333K10NT-LF Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 0.000039uF 100V SMD 060300.0000
GMC10CG220F100NTGMC10CG220F100NT Cal-Chip Capacitor 22pF 100V SMD 060300.0000
GMC10CG100F100NTGMC10CG100F100NT Cal-Chip Capacitor 10pF 100V SMD 060300.0000
GMC10CG101F100NTGMC10CG101F100NT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 100pF 100V SMD 060300.0000
GMC10CG150F100NTGMC10CG150F100NT Cal-Chip Capacitor 15pF 100V SMD 060300.0000
GMC10CG270F100NTGMC10CG270F100NT Cal-Chip Capacitor 27pF 100V SMD 060300.0000
GMC10CG470F100NTGMC10CG470F100NT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 47pF 100V SMD 060300.0000
GMC10CG1R0B100NTGMC10CG1R0B100NT-LF Cal-Chip Capacitor 1pF 100V SMD 060300.0000
GMC10CG680F100NTGMC10CG680F100NT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 68pF 100V SMD 060300.0000
GMC10X7R103K50NT GMC10X7R103K50NT Cal-Chip Capacitor .01uF 50V SMD 060300.0000
GMC31X7R225K50NTGMC31X7R225K50NT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 2.2uF 50V SMD 120600.0000
RM04J621CTRM04J621CT Cal-Chip Resistor 620Ohm SMD 040200.0000
GMC10X7R153J50NTGMC10X7R153J50NT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 0.015uF 50V SMD 060300.0000
GMC10X7R183J50NTGMC10X7R183J50NT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 0.018uF 50V SMD 060300.0000
GMC10X7R223J50NTGMC10X7R223J50NT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 0.022uF 50V SMD 060300.0000
GMC10X7R103J50NTGMC10X7R103J50NT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 0.01UF 50V SMD 060300.0000
GMC04CG100J50NTGMC04CG100J50NT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 10pF 50V SMD 040200.0000
GMC04CG130J50NTGMC04CG130J50NT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 13pF 50V SMD 040200.0000
GMC04CG220J50NTGMC04CG220J50NT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 22pF 50V SMD 040200.0000
GMC04CG270J50NTGMC04CG270J50NT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 27pF 50V SMD 040200.0000
GMC04X7R102K50NTGMC04X7R102K50NT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 0.001uF 50V SMD 040200.0000
TCKIA106AT-LFTCKIA106AT Cal-Chip Tantalum Capacitor, 10uF 10V SMD 120600.0000
CHV1812N1K0104KXTCHV1812N1K0104KXT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 1000V SMD 181200.0000
RN10B1000CTRN10B1000CT Cal-Chip Thick Film Chip Resistor 100 Ohms SMD 080500.0000
RN10B1000CT5-25RN10B1000CT5-25 Cal-Chip Thick Film Chip Resistor 100 Ohms SMD 080500.0000
RM10F4992CTRM10F4992CT Cal-Chip Thick Film Resistor 49.9K Ohms SMD 080500.0000
GMC31X5R226K25NTGMC31X5R226K25NT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 22uF 25V SMD 120632,0000.0000
GMC04CG680F50NTGMC04CG680F50NT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 68pF 50V SMD 040200.0000
GMC04CG101J50NTGMC04CG101J50NT Cal-Chip Ceramic Capacitor 100pF 50V SMD 400220,0000.0000