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Chilisin Electronics Corp – Passive Components

Founded in 1972, Chilisin is a dedicated professional inductor manufacturer & service provider whose factories & sales office/channel are located worldwide, Taiwan, China, Europe & USA. Devoted on turnkey solution of inductor, their product range is widely applicable for EMI, power, RF. Complete product range with professional technical support meets the demand of ‘one-stop shopping’, Chilisin has become one of the few inductor suppliers who is capable of providing full range of product.

Chilisin Electronics is a Taiwan-based company principally engaged in the manufacture inductors and coils. The Company’s primary products include thin-film inductors, multilayer ceramic chip inductors, wire wound chip inductors, power inductors, molding power chokes and magnetic beads, as well as traditional coils, nickel-zinc ferrite cores and manganese-zinc ferrite cores. Chilisin’s products are mainly used in the manufacture of main boards, power supplies, radio frequency (RF) fields, computers, monitors, disk players, scanners, printers, workstations, mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), switches and facsimile machines. Its primary customers include Microsoft, SONY, Samsung, PACE, Panasonic, Nvidia, Foxconn, Harman Becker and Technicolor. The Company mainly operates its businesses in Taiwan, Mainland China and the Americas.


The company is devoted to providing all-in-one solutions for inductors. Its product line includes EMI, Power and RF fields.

  • Power Inductor
  • Chip Inductor
  • Bead
  • Common Mode Choke
  • LTCC-LC Filter


The company’s products are used computing applications, such as tablets, notebooks, mother boards, and graphic cards; mobile/networking applications, including servers, base stations, smart phones, and wireless routers; consumer applications, which include LCD TVs, Blue-ray DVD players, set top boxes, DSC, and game consoles; automotive applications; and LED lighting applications.



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NL4532325T-4R7K Chilsin NL4532325T-4R7K Inductor 4.7uH 10% SMD 1,000 0.2400