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Comchip Technology

Comchip Technology Logo
Comchip Technology is a leading manufacturer of RoHS-compliant diodes, rectifiers, Schottky, Zener, Bridge Rectifiers, TVS, and ESD Arrays. Comchip is at the forefront of the DFN/QFN package revolution and continues to offer innovative new designs such as its patented substrate manufacturing process. Comchip is the only manufacturer to offer RoHS and Zero Tin-Whisker potential using gold-plated termination on substrate technology.

In the designs and manufactures of discrete SMD semiconductor systems, the Comchip Technology Corporation leads. Comchip offers bridge rectifiers, quick-efficiency rectifiers, switching diodes, Zener diodes, Schottky diodes, TVS, and ESD surge protectors with unique research and proprietary production skills. For your application, we offer the correct diode. Comchip Technology is the first company to establish RoHS compatible DFN / flat chip packaging, employing the Gold Termination to eliminate Tin-Whisker potential. SOD-323F (1005), SOD-523F (0603), SOD-723F (0503), SOD-923F (0402) and 0201 packs are available for DFN packages. Comchip devices are appropriate for many applications, including lighting, automotive, industrial, tft-lcd, network/telecom, mobile, consumer electronics, and high-reliability applications with zero Tin-whisker potential. The computers are equipped with a wide range of computers. Comchip has certified TS16949, ISO9001, and ISO14001 to provide better quality and dependability. The Comchip Bridge Corrector and TVS passed UL safety device application tests as an additional safety layer. Many Comchip diodes satisfy AEC-Q101 standards for automotive stress testing and are suitable for both automotive and high-reliability applications.

Schottky Diodes

    Automotive Halogen Free Schottky Barrier Rectifiers
    Automotive Halogen Free Schottky Barrier Diodes
    Automotive Halogen Free Low VF Schottky Barrier
    Automotive Halogen Free Small Signal Schottky
    Halogen Free Schottky Barrier Rectifiers
    Low VF Schottky Diodes
    Schottky Barrier Rectifiers Diodes
    Schottky Barrier Switching Diodes
    Silicon Carbide Power Schottky Diode
    Small Signal Schottky Diodes
    Trench Schottky Rectifier

Switching Diodes

    Automotive Small Signal Switching Diodes
    Automotive Switching Diodes Array
    Switching Diodes Array
    Small Signal Switching Diodes


    Automotive General Purpose Rectifier
    Automotive Halogen Free Efficient Fast Recovery Rectifiers
    Automotive Ultra Fast Recovery Rectifiers – High Efficiency Rectifiers
    Efficient Fast Recovery Rectifiers
    Fast Recovery Rectifiers
    General Purpose Rectifier
    Halogen Free Efficient Fast Recovery Rectifiers
    Super Fast Recovery Rectifiers
    Ultra Fast Recovery Rectifiers – High Efficiency Rectifiers

ESD Diodes

    Automotive ESD Suppressor Array
    Automotive Halogen Free ESD Diodes
    ESD Suppressor Array
    ESD Suppressor Diodes

Transient Voltage Suppression Diodes

    Automotive TVS
    Automotive TVS Axial Lead
    SMD Transient Voltage Suppressor
    TVS Array
    TVS Axial Lead

Zener Diodes

    Zener Diodes


    General Purpose Transistor
    Halogen Free Transistor
    Small Signal Transistor



Bridge Rectifiers

    Bridge Rectifiers
    Halogen Free Bridge Rectifiers

PIN Diodes

    PIN Diodes