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Community Professional Loudspeakers

Community Professional Loudspeakers
Community Professional Loudspeakers is a developer and manufacturer of innovative loudspeaker systems for installed sound applications. Based in Chester, Pennsylvania, Community is an American original whose innovative products have shaped the professional sound industry since the company was founded in 1968.

Community products for applications that demand reliable, long-term performance and consistent, high-quality sound – often in extreme and challenging environments – Community loudspeakers provide the critical listening experience audiences deserve and facility managers demand.


  • Outdoor Loudspeaker Systems

    Weather-engineered high-performance loudspeakers for applications that require high-quality music, voice and paging solutions that can withstand the challenges of extreme conditions.

  • Distributed Loudspeaker Systems

    Versatile ceiling, surface mount and pendant loudspeaker configurations for creating seamless, widely-distributed music and voice listening experiences.

  • Engineered Loudspeaker Systems

    Application-driven music performance and voice loudspeaker systems for venues that require highly-articulate sound and elegant installation asthetics.