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Connor-Winfield Crystal Oscillators

For over 45 years, The Connor-Winfield Corporation has designed and manufactured quartz based timing circuits and oscillators. Connor-Winfield Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, engages designing and manufacturing quartz based timing circuits and oscillators for use in electronics applications. It offers single chip solutions, such as sync card, line card, and clock distribution timing ICs for timing solutions and line card operations in SDH, SONET, and synchronous Ethernet applications; and sync card and line card timing modules for synchronization of network elements, including GPS referencing. The company also provides temperature compensated, oven controlled, voltage controlled, voltage controlled temperature compensated, and oven controlled voltage controlled crystal oscillators; and crystal controllers.


Connor-Winfield offers a variety of crystal products for a wide array of applications. Standard crystals feature low aging, low series resistance, fundamental or 3rd overtone modes, and are RoHS compliant. Precision crystals offer very low aging, high Q/low phase noise, inverted mesa designs and are RoHS compliant as well. Connor-Winfield also specializes in Quartz Crystal Microbalance technology, resulting in unlimited design possibilities for biomedical sensors, metal deposition monitors, environmental monitoring, chemical reaction monitors and a multitude of other applications.

Timing ICs
  Sync Card
  Line Card
  Clock Distribution
Timing Modules
  Sync Card
  Line Card Timing
Time-Frequency References
  GPS Disciplined References
  Quartz Microbalance