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EnerSys is the world leader in industrial stored energy solutions. Their full range of integrated services and systems is an ideal complement to their extensive line of motive power, reserve power, aerospace/defense and specialty batteries. EnerSys has over a century of battery experience, and a network of sales and service locations all around the world. They are the Power/Full Solution for stored DC power.

EnerSys’ Cyclon batteries are thin plate rechargeable cells in cylindrical configurations. They offer a unique, powerful alternative to conventional lead alloy batteries.

EnerSys has been public since 2008, its roots reach back to the 1888 founding of the Electric Storage Battery Co. That company, now known as Exide , mostly sells automobile and truck batteries. In 1991 it spun off what would become EnerSys, a specialist in reserve-power and industrial-equipment batteries. EnerSys has annual revenue of $2.2 billion and sells for 11 times trailing earnings.