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Johanson – Passive Components

Johanson Dielectrics Logo
Johanson Dielectrics, Inc. has been a worldwide producer of high quality ceramic chip capacitors for over 30 years. For everything from high volume, low cost capacitors to application specific ceramic solutions, Johanson Dielectrics has you covered.

The wide product offering includes the following Capacitors: Ceramic SMT and Leaded High Voltage and High Temperature, Y2 Safety Certified, Tip & Ring, Tanceram (for Tantalum replacement), Dual and Multi Capacitor Arrays, Low Inductance, X2Y, Switchmode.

The combination of a high-quality and extensive product offering, makes Johanson Dielectrics a world-class business partner.

Johanson Dielectrics Products

  • Capacitors
  • EMI Filters / EMI Suppression
  • Filters
  • Resistors
  • Signal Conditioning

RF Ceramic Chip Inductors

Johanson RF Inductors on US penny image

Multilayer ceramic inductors (MLCI) used primarily in portable wireless products and RF circuits. These products are available in standard EIA sizes: 0201, 0402, 0603, and 0805, which range in value from 1.0 nH through 470 nH.

RF Wirewound Chip Inductors

rf wirewound inductor capacitor image

High frequency High-Q chip inductors feature a monolithic body made of low loss ceramic wound with wire to achieve optimal performance. Our products are available in standard EIA Sizes: 0402, 0603, and 0805. Which range in value from 1-10,000nH.

High-Q Multi-Layer Capacitors (MLCC)

high q multilayer capacitor developed for High-Q and microwave applications

These lines of High-Q Multilayer Capacitors have been developed for High-Q and microwave applications. RoHS compliance is standard for all unleaded parts.

LASERtrim® RF Tuning Capacitors

rf tuning capacitor laser adjustable monolithic ceramic surface mount devices for precise functional tuning of RF circuits

LASERTrim® tuning capacitors are laser adjustable monolithic ceramic surface mount devices for precise functional tuning of RF circuits. LASERTrim® tuning capacitors are compatible with high volume SMT auto-placement and reflow techniques.

Broadband Single Layer Caps (GBBL)

broadband capacitors gbbl single layer capacitors feature the highest volumetric efficiency

Johanson Technology’s GBBL Single Layer Capacitors feature the highest volumetric efficiency available in the industry. Thus these provide the highest capacitance per case size without sacrificing temperature stability which is commonly associated with high dielectric constant materials. The GBBL SLC capacitors feature a proprietary X7R dielectric.

Single Layer Microwave Capacitors (SLC)

single layer slc microwave millimeter wave capacitors

Johanson Technology offers Single Layer Microwave/Millimeter Wave Capacitors (SLC) in a variety of standard and custom mechanical configurations. The SLCs are available as straight edge, single border and dual border terminations in TiW/Ni/Au. The capacitance range is from 0.1 pF to 4000 pF utilizing 14 different dielectrics.