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Johanson Technology – Passive Components

Johanson Technology provides High Frequency Ceramic Solutions for cellular, WLAN, Bluetooth, RF/Microwave, Millimeter Wave, and Fiber Optic applications, as well as custom high frequency ceramic solutions. We offer a broad range of Multi and Single Layer Capacitors, RF Inductors, LTCC based Chip Antennas, Baluns, Balanced Filters, Band Pass Filters, Low Pass Filters, Couplers, and Diplexers, as well as other components.

Johanson Technology previously operated as the Special Products Group of Johanson Dielectrics and in 1993 was separately incorporated to consistently focus its high frequency expertise in meeting customer needs for specialized and custom ceramic capacitor products as well as embark on research and development of new passive ceramic components for the wireless market sector.

Johanson Dielectrics offers a broad range of Multi and Single Layer Capacitors, RF Inductors (Chip and Wirewound), LTCC based Chip Antennas, Baluns, Balanced Filters, Band Pass Filters, Low Pass Filters, Couplers, and Diplexers, as well as other components. Johanson is a Specialist in application specific ceramic capacitor solutions. Low inductance, high voltage, high temperature, planar capacitor arrays, and custom configurations. The combination of a high-quality and extensive product offering, low lead times, and a worldwide network of sales and manufacturing locations makes Johanson Dielectrics a world-class business partner.


  • RF Capacitors
  • Integrated Passives
  • RF Inductors
  • Modules & Substrates
  • Application Specific
  • RF Ceramic Chip Inductors




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Product List:

Part Number Product Name Qty Price (US$)  
101S41W104KV4E Johanson 101S41W104KV4E Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 100 VDC 10% X7R SMD 1210 3,619 0.4600
2450BM15A0002 Johanson Technology 2450BM15A0002E Matched Balun/LP Filter 6-Pin 0 0.7500
500R15W104KV4T Johanson Dielectrics 500R15W104KV4T Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 50V 10% X7R SMD 0805 4,000 0.2500
500R07S130JV4T 500R07S130JV4T JOHANSON CAPACITOR CERAMIC 13PF 5% 50VDC SMD 0402 RoHS 0 0.0000
500R15Z153MV4E 500R15Z153MV4E JOHANSON CAPACITOR .015uF 150V Z5U 0805 SMD 300 0.2000
500R15N5R6CW2 Johanson Dielectrics 500R15N5R6CW2 Ceramic Capacitor 5.6pF 50V NPO 0806 3,000 0.1700
2450BM15A0002E 2450BM15A0002 Johanson Technology Signal Conditioning 2.45GHz BALUN/FILTER 26,818 0.0000
2450AT43A100E 450AT43A100E Johanson RF/IF and RFID Antenna 2.4GHz 2dBi Solder Surface Mount 0 0.0000
502R29W102KV3E-SC 502R29W102KV3E-SC JOHANSON CAPACITOR MLCC 250V 1000PF 10% X7R SMD 1808 0 0.0000
500R15N221JV4T JOHANSON 500R15N221JV4T Ceramic Capacitor 220pF 5% 50V NP0 SMD 0805 RoHS 0 0.1800
L-07C3N9SV6T L-07C3N9SV6T JOHANSON Inductor 3.9nH 300mA SMD 0402 0 0.0000
500R07S1R0AV4T Johanson 500R07S1R0AV4T Capacitors 1pF 50V NP0 0402 10,000 0.0000
500R07S2R0BV4T JOHANSON TECHNOLOGY 500R07S2R0BV4T CAPACITOR, RF, HI-Q, 2PF, 50V, 0402 0 0.0000
500R07S2R4BV4T 500R07S2R4BV4T Johanson Technology Capacitor 2.4pF 50V SMD 0402 0 0.0000
500R07S1R8BV4T Johanson 500R07S1R8BV4T Capacitor 1.8 pF, 50V SMD 0402 0 0.0000
500R07S2R2BV4T Johanson 500R07S2R2BV4T Capacitor MLCC 2.2pF 50V SMD 0402 0 0.0000
500R07S3R0BV4T JOHANSON 500R07S3R0BV4T CAPACITOR, MLCC, 3PF 50V SMD 0402 0 0.0000
500R07S3R3BV4T 500R07S3R3BV4T Johanson Technology Capacitor, RF, 3.3PF, 50V SMD 0402 0 0.0000
0915AT43A0026E 0915AT43A0026E Johanson Antennas 915MHz Surface Mount 0 10.0100
500R07S4R3BV4T Johanson 500R07S4R3BV4T Capacitor Ceramic 4.3pF 50V C0G 0.1pF SMD 0402 0 0.0000
500R07S0R7AV4T 500R07S0R7AV4T Johanson Dielectrics Ceramic Capacitors 0.7pF 50V SMD 0402 0 0.0000
500R07S0R5BV4T 500R07S0R5BV4T Johanson Dielectrics Ceramic Capacitors 0.5pF 50V SMD 0402 0 0.0000
202S43W102KV4E 202S43W102KV4E Johanson Dielectrics Ceramic Capacitor 1000pF 2kV SMD 1812 0 0.0000
251R15S5R6CV4E 251R15S5R6CV4E Johanson Ceramic Capacitor 5.6pF 250V SMD 0805 0 0.0000
500R07S120JV4T 500R07S120JV4T Johanson Capacitor MLCC 12pF 50V SMD 0402 0 0.0000
101S43W105KV4E 101S43W105KV4E Johanson Ceramic Capacitor 1uF 100V SMD 1812 0 0.0000
101X44W404MV4E 101X44W404MV4E Johanson Capacitor Ceramic 0.4uF 100V SMD 1410 0 0.0000
101X14W221MV4T 101X14W221MV4T Johanson Capacitor 220pF 100V SMD 0603 0 0.0000
B2B-EH-A(LF)(SN) B2B-EH-A(LF)(SN) JST Connector Header 2 POS 2.5mm 0 0.0000
102S43N102JV4E 102S43N102JV4E Johanson Ceramic Capacitor 0.001uF 1000V SMD 1812 0 0.0000
0869LP14A090T 0869LP14A090T Johanson Low-Pass Filter 50ohms 824-915 MHz 0 0.0000
L-14C8N2JV4T L-14C8N2JV4T Johanson Inductor 8.2nH 5% SMD 0603 0 0.0000
502R29W681KV3E-SC 502R29W681KV3E-SC Johanson Ceramic Capacitor 680pF 250V SMD 1808 0 0.0000
102R15W102KV4E 102R15W102KV4E Johanson Ceramic Capacitor 1000pF 1000V SMD 0805 0 0.0000
2450AT18A100E 2450AT18A100E Johanson Antenna 0.5dB Gain 2500MHz 2-Pin Case 18-4 3,000 0.0000
SMP-04V-BC SMP-04V-BC JST Connectors Housing Plug 4 Position 0 0.0000