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Kaschke Components

Kaschke Components GmbH manufactures and distributes electronic components. Kaschke is a manufacturer of Chokes, EMC Chokes, Ferrites, Inductors and SMD Inductors. The Company markets its products to electronics manufacturers throughout Germany and internationally.

Kaschke KG GmbH & Co. has been one of the leading companies in the production of soft magnetic ferrites and inductive components since being founded in 1955. Through continuous dialogue with customers, Kaschke has always managed to maintain the most current expertise and is able to offer a product range specifically suited to the needs of our business partners. Working with Kaschke means choosing an overall solution in which compromises need not be made. This is guaranteed by Kaschke’s product line which includes a multitude of products aimed at the individual needs of our customers in the electronics and electrical engineering industries. Kaschke is known as a custom design house for soft ferrite and wound components, established now for nearly 50 years in this industry, where Kaschke’s design expertise has filled many applications worldwide.


  • Ferrites
    • Ferrites
    • E and EFS cores
    • Planar E and I cores
    • ETD and ER cores
    • U and I cores
    • RM cores
    • Pot cores
    • Ring cores
    • Impeder cores
    • Double aperture cores
  • Inductive Components
    • Planar components for SMPS
    • PFC-Chokes
    • Common mode toroid chokes
    • 2-phase and 3-phase common mode chokes
    • KLL chokes
    • Inductive components for lighting technology
    • Transpondercoils for Identification Systems
    • Fixed inductors
    • Safety insulation transformers for SmartPower

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