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Micro Crystal AG

microcrystal Micro Crystal, a company of the Swatch Group Inc. Switzerland, is a leading manufacturer of miniature tuning fork quartz crystals, real time clocks, oscillators, and OCXOs for leading manufacturers of mobile phones, consumer products, wearables, IoT, computers, healthcare, automobile electronics, watches, and industrial controls as well as medical implantable devices and other high-reliability product applications.

Micro Crystal, founded 1978 in Grenchen (Switzerland) is a technological leader in the quartz crystal and oscillator industries. The company is recognized worldwide as a mass-producer of miniature low power crystals and small oscillators. Micro Crystal AG fabricates its crystal wafers in Switzerland using state-of-the art photolithographic technology.

The main production focuses on low frequency 32.768 kHz SMD and thru hole crystals in miniature metal and ceramic package. Typical applications are battery-powered portable equipments such as cellular phones, wireless, medical, automotive, watch and industrial devices.

Technological development is heading in the direction of ever-smaller quartz crystals. This requires a completely new design and, for certain production stages, the use of new manufacturing technology. After initiating mass production of the smallest quartz crystal ever manufactured, Micro Crystal launched an even smaller and slimmer one in mid-2007. The development of this product required software that enables calculations involving virtual digital simulation.

The crystal wafer fabrication is located in Switzerland, using state-of-the art photolithographic technology. Micro Crystal’s high volume assembly lines are situated in Switzerland, Thailand and China. The company has its own sales offices in Switzerland, USA, China, Taiwan, Germany, Japan and France.