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Microtherm – Passive Components

Microtherm GmbH, founded in 1965 in Pforzheim, German offers thermal protection, control and regulation products:

Protective Thermal Switches – Temperature Protection
Thermostat, temperature limiter, temperature switch, current limiter, temperature regulator, thermal motor protection, temperature fuse, PTC, motor thermistor, NTC, Moxie, temperature probe, current sensitive switch

Built-in regulators
use to regulate temperatures and currents, especially in consumer durables (irons, fryers, cookers, grills) but also in industrial equipment (welders, sterilizers).

Capillary thermostats
designed to regulate the temperature

Capillary thermostats
Capillary thermostats are intended for regulation and maintaining of a set temperature in range from -30°C to 400°С.