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NEC TOKIN Corporation manufactures electronic components and devices. It offers conductive polymer tantalum capacitors, tantalum capacitors, super capacitors, and proadlizers; EMI countermeasure parts, flex suppressors, and transformers/choke coils; and piezoelectric ceramics, piezoelectric inverters for cold cathode tubes, and multilayer piezoelectric actuators. The company also offers electronic materials, such as memoalloys, ferrite cores, permanent magnets, and electromagnet/electromagnet applied products; magnetic direct current sensors, and thermal sensors; anechoic chambers; and miniature relays.

KEMET now offers NEC TOKIN’s electronic component products including supercapacitors, inductors, relays, flex suppressors, EMI cores and AC line filters. KEMET Electronics Corporation has entered into two agreements with NEC TOKIN: a Development and Cross Licensing Agreement and an Amended and Restated Private Label Agreement.