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NEXcell Battery – Passive Components

NEXcell provides the portable green power with high performance rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride batteries and Lithium Ion battery packs to the cordless world. NEXcell manufactures rechargeable batteries, battery packs, smart chargers, wind solar energy system.

Established in 1994, NEXcell battery company was founded by a US battery technical team. The company goal is to provide the portable green power with high performance rechargeable Ni-MH/Lithium pack/power bank to the cordless world. With an initial capital of USD10M and 300 employees in a total of 6,000 square meter facilities, NEXcell can annually produce more than 30 million batteries of various size.

NEXcell products are applied for industrial, medical, military, consumer use and household electronics widely, as well as OEM applications. Most of our products are distributed to America, Europe, Australia, Japan, Taiwan and Southeastern Asia market.