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Nitto Denko America

Nitto Denko America, Inc. develops semiconductor encapsulating materials, materials and systems for semiconductor processing, flexible printed circuits, and polarizing and retardation films for liquid crystal displays. The company, through a group of companies, manufactures transdermal drug delivery systems, pressure sensitive tapes, anti-vibration and dampening materials, and membranes for reverse osmosis. Nitto Denko America offers design services, as well as electrical testing of the substrates. It serves customers from a variety markets, such as optical displays, semiconductors, hard disk drives, cellular phones, automotive, medical, and health care. The company was incorporated in 1969 and is based in Fremont, California. Nitto Denko America, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Nitto Denko Corp.

Nitto is a global company with extensive experience in advanced materials that meet the stringent demands and numerous specifications of the aerospace industry. Working together with their customers, they are continuously supplying and developing solutions to help make aircraft quieter, lighter, safer, greener, and more cost effective. Their multiple OEM qualified manufacturing locations, as well as their technical sales and product development experience, provide us with worldwide recognition for quality and technology.