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Pacific Transformer

Pacific Transformer, Incorporated designs, develops, and manufactures transformers and other magnetic devices. The company offers standard and custom, toroidal, low-profile, international power, inverter, and large transformers; and inductors, chokes, coils, fitting antennae coils, winding and potting coils, custom and complex magnetic, and enclosures. Its products include custom and standard transformers, power transformers, low profile transformers, complex magnetic, switchers, avionics, wound coils, magnetic devices, linear inductors, chokes, power isolation inverters, and audio and control. The company also provides engineering and design services.

Since 1981, Pacific Transformer has remained a market leader in the field of custom transformers, magnetic engineering, and power transformer design. They offer the fastest turnaround on design, and manufacturing.

  • Four manufacturing sites around the world
  • A 36,000 ft.2 facility in Anaheim, California, to back up our other sites
  • Expertise in getting customers through various agency approvals (UL, CSA, TUV, etc.)
  • ISO 9000 certification